Tuesday, October 17, 2017



Riding a jam-packed bus to work this morning (even I don't ride my bike when the rain is coming down at the rate of millimetres per minute) I couldn't help but notice that all the kids hunched over around me were sporting Samsungs...The beginning of the end of Mr. Jobs' dominant party-line echo perhaps?

A guy I went to gradual school with way back in the dark ages (i.e. long before CRISPR was a glimmer in the late, great Michael Smith's brilliant, site-directed eyes) showed up at my office door, unannounced today...In addition to a little science, he wanted to know where the heck B-Lot went.

Norm Farrell and I are working with Merv Adey's family and some other folks on a new journalism project to honour and extend Merv's work...It's something we're pretty excited about...If you'd like to kick in a little to help make it happen Norm's got all the details up at his place.

Bigger E. and I have embarked on a musical recording project that we hope to have ready in both physical and digital downloadable forms in time for Christmas...As such, she wanted to hear my version of this classically cosmic Gram Parsons/ Emmy Lou Harris tune before we give it a serious try ourselves...

And, just in case you were wondering...The concept for the post is swiped, kinda/sorta from one of may favourite sports columnists, the SF Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins, who himself, I think, probably got the idea from Herb Caen....Anyway, here is one of Jenkins' last, best gems that, at the very least, will be appreciated by my old editor from days of yore...
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motorcycleguy said...

I tried to comment here using what I believe is the same model Royal I have in my crawlspace, alas I got an "Error 404" and had to use my Note 2.

RossK said...


You have one!

Alas, all of my typewriters are gone...Actually learned on an underwood stand-up...In grade 9 typing...Was one of only two boys in class...Most useful thing/skill I learned in high school (and that includes biology...the irony!)

Hugh said...

Where is the USB port?

motorcycleguy said...

ah yes, I was one of 3 guys in Typing 9....all because we found out ahead of time the new blonde girl at our school would be in that class....if that typing teacher was president of the world we would be in trouble...what a lesson in subliminal mind control, embedding all those finger moves deep in our brain such that 25 years later when computers started getting keyboards (instead of Fortran punch cards) it all somehow came back to us....quite unbelievable actually how well I can type now having had no further training in between and most definitely no practice...I will look up the exact model of the one I have

Eleanor Gregory said...

I took two typing classes in high school, the first in grade 9 and the second in grade 10. I learned how to type in the grade 9 course and greatly increased my speed and accuracy in the grade 10 course. Back in the day when there were still manual or even (the then new fangled) electric typewriters people working near me would complain that my speedy/accurate typing made it too loud to work near me.

RossK said...


The USB-C ports that require 87 dongles and a separate tote-bag are hidden under the space bar.



Wasn't smart enough to figure out the girl stuff beforehand....Had same experience with typing teacher though...It's amazing the muscle memory that came from all that drilling and drilling and drilling...


Chuckstraight said...

Unfortunately , I did not excel in typing 9, as was distracted by the blonde exchange teacher from Australia.

RossK said...


I miss the pounding of the keys. However, I am happy when I knock the paint off the laptop ones though.

Buy what I really miss is slamming the carriage return.


That's a longtime to be distracted Chuck.