Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How Much Dirty Money, Exactly, Is In BC's Golden Era Economy?


Investigative Postmedia reporter extraordinaire Sam Cooper figures it's in the billions.


Here is the link to the CPress' LChangxing story published/archived at the MoCo's lotuslandian division.



Anonymous said...

operation sidewinder?

Lew said...

From Christy’s 2013 BC Liberal election platform:

“What does Asia have to do with B.C.’s economic future? Everything. “


Anonymous said...

Charges now laid

e.a.f. said...

how much dirty money is involved in the B.C. economy. Well lets add up all the "laundry" being done at B.C. casinos. then add in the value of all the houses which were paid for with cash, which sit empty around B.C. which are owned by foreigners. Then add in the money the gangs in B.C. generate and oh I'd say we're up at least a few billion if not $20b or more.