Monday, October 16, 2017

What The Heck Is An 'Illegal Cash House'?


From Sam Cooper's latest:

...The findings shed more light on processes within B.C. casinos that may have allowed casino money-laundering, as alleged in an RCMP probe. Postmedia News has reported that investigators believe organized criminals loaned suspected drug cash from an illegal cash house in Richmond to VIP high-rollers recruited from Macau...

And on top of all that we are shocked!, shocked! I tell you to learn that whaling (with proxy pilot fish and everything!) has been going on in at least three (named) casinos (plural).



Anonymous said...

Ask Coleman and De Jong and Clark.

e.a.f. said...

none of this ought to be a surprise to those who live in Richmond and have been there for some time. all those vacant houses or houses where they only went to gamble? So if there are "cash houses" makes perfect sense.

Why nothing was done about it, well we all know the answer. The RCMP polices Richmond. it has B.C. Lieberals as MLAs and a Richmond council which is loath to offend their mandarin speaking voters and business people. heavens above insisting they abide by Canadian law? what is the world coming to. going back as far as the 1980's people could tell you which homes where being used to gamble in.

Anonymous said...

RCMP answers to Ottawa only?

e.a.f. said...

A. 2:25 pm. the RCMP answers to Ottawa from whence come the paycheques and the promotions. Now there maybe discussions with the odd politician, but there isn't a reporting relationship between the RCMP and the province.