Saturday, October 07, 2017

The Whine Of The Ancient Turdstormer.


From the fine fellow formerly in charge of all things energy, etcetera...





North Van's Grumps said...

Where there is only HOPE to help the BC Liberal Government there was spitting Bill Bennett.
Tension Cracks February 2017 response from BC Liberals via Vaughn Palmer

"Energy Minister Bill Bennett, whose cabinet bailiwick includes responsibility for Hydro, is continuing to receive updates as well.

He told me Monday that his first concern, once worker safety was assured, was to determine if the crack would affect the lengthy and complex construction schedule for the estimated $9 billion project.

The crack is a bit upstream from where the dam will be anchored on the north side of the river, on the riverbank that will flank the eventual reservoir. It’s an area where the steep river banks are being lowered and then “recontoured” to a more gradual slope, reducing the risk of landslides into the reservoir.

Bennett hopes Hydro can come up with a workaround for the crack, so that it does not delay work on the tunnels necessary for the eventual diversion of the river, which is scheduled to commence in September 2019.

Lew said...

About Bill Bennett:
“Almost all of our expectations for a robust compliance and enforcement program were not met,” says Bellringer. “The compliance and enforcement activities of both the Ministry of Energy and Mines, and the Ministry of Environment are not set up to protect the province from environmental risks.”

The findings indicate major gaps in resources, planning and tools in both ministries. For example, both ministries have insufficient staff to address a growing number of permits, and staff work with cumbersome and incomplete data systems.

From Bill Bennett:
"I wouldn't characterize my view of the Site C project as one of confidence," he said in an interview. "I'm not confident. I'm just the guy who is going to try to make sure that if the project gets approved and built, that it gets built for what they tell me it is going to get built for."

Very credible fellow, no?

Anonymous said...


VaughnPalmer‏Verified account @VaughnPalmer Oct 5

#bcpoli Site C delay caused by tension cracks, contractor problems, other challenges. Not NDP postponement of road relocation.

…Maybe The Dean sees "tension cracks" in the BC Ruling Class?

...A little hand scrubbing to cleanse 'Pro-Club' ink off stained hands?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bennett continues to spew bold faced nonsense. He should be charged for malfeasance on his handling of the Site C fiasco, the Mount Polley's toxic spill, and the generous BC Hydro gift to Red Chris for a power line. His behaviour has been utterly appalling, but what is equally shocking is how this guy could have been elected in the first place. RG

Lulymay said...

Before Gordo:
Environment Ministry was organized by having Regional offices, managed by a Regional Director who was responsible and held accountable for annual plans, outputs and budgets that were developed from those planned outputs.

After Gordo:
Environment Ministry re-centralized to Victoria and local field staff sat around in their once regional offices waiting for some Gordo-appointed manager to phone said ex-regional staff to communicate their orders of the day. Sometimes those calls weren't received on a regular basis. Does anyone even begin to wonder why audit/compliance/enforcement activities were in such a state of disarray? The goons were in control!

Does anyone wonder that

davemj said...

I hope and pray for the sake of B.C.somebody with the courage and backing of the people will go after these corrupt Liberals and their big-name backer's advisors {eg Kinsella, Rennie and the corps that donated money for big return,s} etc and get an audit on the likes of Clark, Colman, De Jong,Barmy Bennet,Polack,Wang,just too many to mention.Oh yeah haul Scumball,s ass back and rake him over the coals,Geeze is there no end to their insanity.

Anonymous said...

thats not the only crack in BC.
Yes mr Be the cracks appeard an hour after NDP were elected.Poli propa?

Unknown said...

Hitler used it. Trump used it. Clark used it. Campbell used it. It's the 'Big Lie'technique. Just keep yelling b.s.,and eventually enough people believe it,and the big liar gains political currency,and forwards their agenda.... Wonder what Billy boy's agenda could be?

e.a.f. said...

"wonder what Billy boy's agenda could be?" well if his message was sent from Tuscany at 11:16 P.M. he may not have an agenda but have a wine/whine bag on.

perhaps Bill Bennett still thinks people care what he has to say. Perhaps in some deluded state he thinks he can get the NDP to "wear" all of the B.C. Lieberal's mistakes.

Some people may want to believe him because they really can't believe such a stupid dam was being built. they elected him and his cohorts and that may in some people's minds make them as stupid as Bill Bennett sounds on his mini rant.