Sunday, October 29, 2017

Advantage BC: There Are Known Knowns...

...And Then There Are Things That Only Colin Hansen Knows.

From Rob Shaw's latest piece in the VSun on the massive corporate  tax give away program that the Dippers have ended and the BC Liberals are still fighting to keep on keepin' on:

...AdvantageBC, the non-profit association whose corporate members benefit from the tax refunds, said it was disappointed.

“I think it’s been a very valuable program,” said CEO Colin Hansen, a former Liberal finance minister who helped expand the program while in government. “And I know first-hand how effective it’s been to attract companies to B.C.”...

Which means, one would think, particularly if one were to take the former CBC Radio commentator at his word, that Mr. Hansen would be more than happy to show us (i.e. the people footing the bill) how and why he knows what he knows.

But, alas, that is not the case:

...AdvantageBC was sued by The New York Times over access to its annual financial statements earlier this year. Hansen said his organization provided the statements to the court, and the newspaper dropped its lawsuit, but AdvantageBC will not otherwise make the documents public.

Imagine that!



Anonymous said...

Can I get 3rd party opinion on anything of the last 16 years that does not invove a lawsuit.?No?

Lawsuit ,BC ads ,coming up in December.?

Hugh said...

Quote from the Sun article:

"Now, with a corporate tax rate of 26 per cent, and more than 90 per cent of the beneficial companies involved in securities trading, foreign exchange and factoring (the transferring of monies owed by one company to another)..........."

Yes, of course, BC needs even more foreign companies trading securities, currency exchange, etc. (sarcasm)

RossK said...


Well, you know...



e.a.f. said...

how very wonderful that it provided all those "benefits" for all those who benefited. gee and wasn't it just a few columns ago that we read B.C. was so broke it had to disband the RCMP gambling squad? And then there was Christy waxing on about how they couldn't let children keep their support money because the taxpayers needed it. Guess she needed the kids $14M a year to give to foreigners.

I'd sure like to see the figures on all of this given I'm a tax payer. In the mean time Hansen and his ilk can go to hell. they've "stolen" enough from B.C. the party is over.

cfvua said...

Looks like one of those "have to have " programs that won't be missed. No business case that the well remunerated manager will put forward. Looks like no big loss. A bit strange in that one BC based forest products co. Was on the list of members 4 times. Dan Levin of the NYT nailed it as a very expensive job generator. More to it if we could see the financials.