Friday, October 20, 2017

Anti-Document Dump Friday Must Read....Are We Doing Better With The Resource Extractors Already?


If you read one blogpost this weekend, head on over to Norm Farrell's and read his latest about how things have already begun to change (for the better!) in the Natural Gas sector.

Here's the teaser, in Norm's signature graphical format that makes things crystal clear:

Do you see what I see?


So, head on over to read the Norm's entire post.




It's one more thing that will help convince you or, more importantly, help you convince others who are still skeptical, that the voters of B.C. did the right thing back in May.


Like Norway, if we give the extractor's cost certainty with a decent (rather than rapacious) return, they will come and they will invest...And everyone will win...Which is exactly Norm's point I think (and he will most definitely set me straight if I've got that wrong).
Don't forget, we're still working on an independent public interest journalism project for the Merv Adey fund...The idea is to fund a young go-getter to give them the time and space to do some in-depth digging on a story of import (we're going to ask for proposals which we just might ask you all for feedback on before we make a decision on who/what  to commit funds to)....If you'd like to kick-in a little to help support the fund....Go Here....If you'd rather hear more details from me first personally send me an Email to pacificgazette at yahoo dot the two letter extension for Canada.



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After 16 years NDP peeling back the PCP (pro corporate policy party) onion.?

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Soooo when Enron was shut down did they moved to BC Hydro?