Monday, October 02, 2017

Did NDP Supporters Help Mr. Simpson Do The Right Thing On Bus Passes For Disabled?


It would appear that the answer to the question in the header to the post just might be yes:


A while back I dipped my toe into the water on this issue on the Twittmachine and got at yelled at, reasonably loud and hard, by a small cadre of Dipper supporters who were upset that non-insiders (who don't really understand how thing work) were making the new government look bad by having the temerity to speak up.

But that was nothing compared to the pushback against those folks who were really out there advocating for the disabled loud, long and hard.

And two of the most ferocious of those advocates were Laila Yuile and Delphine Charmley.

But as time passed and the advocates kept pushing (which led, at least in part, to  the proMedia coverage that Ms. Charmley garnered - for all the right reasons) you could feel a change in the zeitgeist that got me to thinking of that (perhaps apocryphal) quote from Franklin Roosevelt:

"I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it."

Call me crazy, but I think a whole of good folks, many of them Dipper supporters, just helped Mr. Simpson (and, presumably Mr. Horgan et al.) do what Mr. Roosevelt (allegedly) asked his supporters to do.

Which, to my mind, is the way things are supposed to work.


The fact that moderate, centrist supporters of the BC Liberal gov't were never listened to, especially early on when the slashing and burning started in earnest, was one of the reasons I came to see them as completely intransigent...And then, as things moved from GordCo Inc. to Clarklandia it seemed that the KloutKlub screamers made sure that the moderate voice was completely suppressed...
Link to Richard Zussman's tweet at the top of the post is here...Mr. Zussman also has the best breakdown so far on how things will



e.a.f. said...

People who are NDP supporters who don't want others to say negative things about the NDP are not really doing the NDP any favours. It is when society agitates for changes and the government provides those changes, that that government is recognized as a government who is listening to the people.

if the NDP had not made changes to the bus pass, personally I would have been some pissed and would have phoned my NDP MLA until it did happen.

Doing the right things in some cases costs very little. Had the NDP for which I have voted my lengthy life, might not have had my vote next time, for the first time.

Ed Seedhouse said...

Well, if I recall right, the main complaint from Laila and others was that it didn't start in September. And if what I heard on the telly from the leg, assuming my aging memory isn't lying to me, is true, the passes start in - January. So I don't see any evidence that us blog folk made much of a difference.

They did promise the passes would start in January, and they are delivering it in January. Am I missing something?

RossK said...

Initially, if I remember correctly Ed, it was not clear what would happen and when.

I stand to be correct on that, however.