Sunday, August 28, 2011

HST Aftershocking.....Where's Johnny?


As a reader points out in the comments to the post directly below, Mdme. Premier Clark's use of the term 'Free Enterprise Party' in her Email to supporters is really a dog whistle to those Big and little 'C' conservatives who walk amongst her that they are all in this together with the so-called centrists (ie. the Used and Luxury Car Sales Bund?*) that she, herself, allegedly represents.

Me, I figure this is also the best signal we have so far that she and her inner circle are likely still thinking of a snap election.

In other words, it's not really Dix and the Dippers they have to worry about, in isolation, in the short term.

Instead, it is the potential bleed, which could quickly become a hemorrhage, to the BC Conservatives.


Given all that....

Where the heckfire is John Cummins these days?

Hang on a moment while I go search the Google-Cache....



I'm back.

And there is very little out there.

But here's a little something from the (notso)Giant98:

"The leader of the BC Conservative party, who admitted voting "no" to keep the HST, says he was not surprised by today's vote to turf the tax.

But John Cummins says he was caught off guard by the gap between "yes" and "no" votes, which was almost 10 points...."

Interesting that, no.

Because, in addition to admitting that he was caught like a deer in the headlights re: The Result, Mr. Cummins also admitted that he personally voted 'no'.

In other words, the leader of the B.C. Conservative Party voted to place more tax on the backs of rank-and-file British Columbians.

Which is interesting, given, what is written, right now, on his party's HST-Free Front Page....

Notice that wee bit within the red box, which I added for emphasis....

(the box, not the words within it)


*Speaking of the Luxury Car/West Vancouver/Unicorn Sales Bund....Don't they already have their exemptions in place even WITH the HST?....
By the way....Norman Farrell is really on fire this weekend, asking all the questions that the CorpMedia should have, but did not during and after all the kerfuffle...


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