Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Realer Than Reel Reason Vancouver Is No Longer #1


I've really got the answer now.

And it has nothing to do with Malahat Mountain, slippery bike lanes or the way a certain very fine civic politician keeps losing her train of thought every time a gust of wind musses her hair.


Instead, it all has to do with the Lotuslandian end-of-life times and death of Mr. Errol Flynn.

How do I know this?

Because Ottawa Citizen reporter and real live corp-free amateur blogger Glen McGregor has gotten his hands on the full (i.e. not just the front page, which has long been on display at the fantastic Vancouver Police Museum) summary of the former Captain Blood's autopsy.

It makes for some interesting (or grisly, depending on your POV) reading, and not just with respect to the state of the body at the time of death in October of 1959.

And, included is the following passage from a good Dr. Gould who was 'taking care' of Mr. Flynn during his last minutes on earth:

"I administered 50 milligrams of demerol intravenously with the patient stealing (sic) and supporting himself against table. He obtained considerable relief almost immediately, but elected to remain standing with his back against the patio doorway, which seemed to further ease the discomfort…

At approximately 6:45, his companion Miss Aadland came running to me, saying he had suddenly collapsed, that his colour was poor and that he had apparently stopped breathing. I immediately went to his aid and while commencing to examine him, Miss Aadland pulled a box of amyl nitrate ampoules from her purse and quickly broke one under his nose..."


Who'd a thunk it.

After all, I dunno about you but I had no idea that way, way before we got smart and got nurses to help folks keep from offing themselves when they do the 'steel and support' dance that we actually had at least one physician in town who may have done exactly the opposite with a very (in)famous visitor who may or may not have been on the lam with his very young companion at the time.

For those a wee bit confused, I call Mr. McGregor 'McSushiboy21' in the side-bar blog scroll because the rice roll-up moniker is the one that he, himself, used to use before he blew the whistle on a certain Sun News anchor's shenanigans not long ago.



West End Bob said...

the way a certain very fine civic politician keeps losing her train of thought every time a gust of wind musses her hair

Inquiring minds ("drf" in particular) want to know to whom you are referring, RossK. Andrea Reimer? Susan Anton? Heather Deal? Ellen Woodsworth? ("fine" would seem to preclude Ms. Anton) . . . .

RossK said...


'Fine' precludes no one Bob.

And just so you know, I have never seen Ms. Reimer lose her train of thought.

As for Ms. Always Campaigning....