Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Why Vancouver Is No Longer Number 1


No. 5....Bike lanes get slippery when it rains.

No. 4....Dog park poop bag stations do not glow in dark.

No. 3....Fairview slopes still steep.

No. 2....Libraries still open.

No. 1....Mayor refused to shovel white stuff at top of Malahat Mountain during Snowmageddon...What was he thinking???!!!

Of course, the real story here is the fact that people even pay attention to this kind of arbitrary codswallop when it is clear that the criteria used to come up with such silly rankings are clearly so bogus as to be laughable.....But, then again, they don't call it a 'herd' media for nothing....



Simon said...

hi Ross...good one. But what are complaining about? You can still brag about being number three. While Montreal didn't even make the top ten, and I'm afraid to check because I fear we may be closer to Harare than Melbourne. It's just not fair. Since when did our crumbling infrastructure outweigh our joie de vivre? ;)

RossK said...


Not complaining at all.

We just have a rump-roast civic party and their shillophants who would give their eye-teeth to make some hay over this.

But they can't, because the major media herd-cited reason for the drop is the fact that the 'Malahat' sometimes suffers weather or traffic-accident related closures.

The thing is...the Malahat is on Vancouver Island, 60 km and a 90 minute ferry ride away. In other words, it has absolutely nothing to do with the city of, or even metro, Vancouver.


And, don't cry for thee Montreal...Crumbling infrastructure or not, it is still a fantastic city.