Friday, August 12, 2011

Is There An Irony To Be Found In David Cameron's Misspent Youth?


"....This is not about poverty, it's about culture. A culture that glorifies violence, shows disrespect to authority, and says everything about rights but nothing about responsibilities. In too many cases the parents of these children – if they are still around – don't care where their children are or who they are with, let alone what they are doing. The potential consequences of neglect and immorality on this scale have been clear for too long, without enough action being taken..."

David Cameron supposedly retired early to bed before a raucous evening in 1987 in which the Bullingdon Club ran from the police through the streets of Oxford – according to “When Boris met Dave”, the recent TV programme.

In fact, I can reveal, the youthful Cameron was most definitely at the party. Unlike most of his friends, however, he – along with Boris Johnson and another student called Sebastian Grigg – escaped capture by the forces of law and order.

Mr Cameron’s apparent capacity to rise almost without trace is neatly embodied in the story of his early brush with the law.

The evening had ended with a pot being sent crashing through a restaurant window – sending some of the revellers, including Johnson, the future mayor of London, scurrying for safety while their less fortunate friends earned themselves a night in the cells at Cowley police station.

Many details of the evening have been kept a closely-guarded secret by the group of old friends, who have remained tight-lipped about Cameron’s involvement in the escapade....

Imagine that!



West End Bob said...




snicker, snicker . . . .

(Check out this vid on the riots - if you're not opposed to profanities. The 2 minute rant has shades of truth to it.)

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The most notable thing I noticed about England when I lived there, and I noted it within a week of moving there, is how violent they are. For an young Sliverville hand like me to notice something like that, I thought at the time, was quite something.

The last truly decent man born in that Beast of a country was George Woodcock.

I really have been paying very little attention to the latest rumble from the belly of the Beast. The English have been rioting for centuries, they have had much better ones than this. Used to be everybody would be really, really, really drunk. This crowd has not looked drunk at all to me. If I was a social media riot general I would put word out for everybody get totally loaded before the first brick gets thrown.

I wonder where the Royal Family have been through all this. Have not said boo to my knowledge. That tells you more about what the powerful there think about what is going on more than anything. Not a good time to remind everybody of their favourite upper class parasite twits of the year.

What has been going on in the world, possibly the most important events in human history, as people keep alight the dim embers of human Freedom, has got the powerful on edge. We are not all robots. They hate that.

I have been reading blogs for about six years now, been so long since I first read yours I am unsure how I found out about it. The story about Cameron, previously unseen by by me (my Financial Times subscription ran out some time ago), makes all the shit I have read on the internet worthwhile.

Well done.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Of course Woodcock was born in Winnipeg, to correct myself. Perhaps it was William Godwin who was the last truly decent man to be born in England.

RossK said...



Thanks (I think)



I think you are right. And the veneer of the plastered on stiff upper lip gets thinner as the inequality divide gets ever thicker.

Re: Where this came from - actually was buried in a link provided by Exile of e..

Internets, indeed.


RossK said...


It wasn't the E of e.... (although it easily could have been given his excellent linkology)

Truth be told, I can no longer actually remember - and I'm on a different box at the moment so can't sift the memory bank....I think it may have been regurgitated from one of the (very) select group of Twits I follow.