Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Sure It Is Just A Coincidence, But....


....I couldn't help but notice that the following two items were published within 48 hours of each other.

The first item, from Alex Tsakumis, showed up in the Bloggodome on Wednesday. It starts like this:

"I’ve known Pat Kinsella for almost a quarter century. He is a bright, articulate man, who has the ability to triangulate a political play in his sleep....."

Now, embedded within the post is a pdf file whose legitimacy I cannot vouch for, but which makes for pretty interesting reading, regardless, especially if you recall, say, this.


The second item, from Bob Mackin, showed up on the VanCourier website today. It starts like this:

"The home of the man behind Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark's rise to the premiership is for sale.

Political power broker and lobbyist Patrick Kinsella's Shaughnessy mansion can be yours for $7.28 million..."


I'm sure this is all just a coincidence.




Anonymous said...

Your link to the VanCourier article is dead, here's the current link:

According to the Google cache, they're exactly the same except the new one has minor punctuation fixes.

The B.C. Attorney General just suddenly resigned too, providing the often meaningless and politician-standard excuse of "spending more time with family" as the reason.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

Will fix.

And as for the AG's replacement....Well, maybe some enterprising reporter could ask her about the details of this.


Alison said...

BC RAIL/’BASI-VIRK’ EXCLUSIVE: 2007 Disclosure Application Reveals Plenty About RCMP Investigation, Special Prosecututor Conflicts and Star Witness Erik Bornmann’s Allegation that Premier’s Brother Bruce Clark Bribed Dave Basi