Monday, August 29, 2011

HST Referendum Result Explained...


...Those With Less Income Feel Regressive Consumption Tax The Most.


Update: At bottom of post

The graph above was put together by Iglika Ivanova of the progressive 'Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' think-tank thingy.

The link is here, and the data sources can be found here.

That's some correlation....


Of course, the extremes on that graph are probably split pretty much straight down the chasm that is true LINO/Dipper party divide.

But I bet there is a whole lot in the middle of that curve, especially those points high up on the Y-axis in said middle (class ridings), that is scaring the crap out of a few 'coalition' strate(r)gists right about now.

And there was a very good discussion about the potential for Dipper inroads into ridings with a significant middle-class/ethnic representation on PublicEye Radio yesterday...You can listen to that here, starting at about the 55 minute mark.
Update 6:00pm Monday: As we predicted they would last Friday, the business uncertainty 'scare' stories have now begun in earnest....When you see, hear or read them please remember that the Campbell/Falcon/Clark/McLean government has known for months and months and months that British Columbians were likely going to vote to extinguish the HST...Thus, any and all 'uncertainty' is entirely the fault of said government. Or, put another way, it is disingenuous at best and plain insulting in reality to keep blaming the dumb/poor/too-stupid-for-their-own-good electorate that voted against the duplicitous Campbell/Falcon/Clark/McLean tax shift that was originally foisted on them as being revenue neutral.



Skinny Dipper said...

There is nothing wrong with having a variety of taxes on consumption, income, and business profits. What matter is how much will people pay of each tax. Low income people generally pay little to no income tax; the rich pay more at higher rates. However, lower income people pay consumption taxes.

If we only had a progressive income tax, the poor would pay little to no tax, the rich would pay a lot.

If we only had a consumption tax like the HST, the poor would pay more tax; the rich would pay less consumption tax than they would income tax. That is why you see a relationship between support for the HST and higher incomes.

Anonymous said...

A little more than 2 years ago there was a provincial election in BC.

The turnout results are available from Elections BC [.PDF] here. There is also an interesting look at participation trends [.PDF] here.

I spent some time comparing a few ridings.

Total turnout:
2009 = 1,651,413 voters
2011 = 1,610,125 voters

Turnout, selected ridings:
2009 = 16,956
2011 = 18,912

West Vancouver-Capilano
2009 = 22,823
2011 = 24,296

North Coast
2009 = 8,958
2011 = 6,149

Comox Valley
2009 = 29,498
2011 = 27,612

Oak Bay-Gordon Head
2009 = 25,684
2011 = 22,094

Anonymous said...

Usually by this time of the year. I have my x-mas money put aside, and money for the higher winter utilities. This year, I have not been able to save one dime.

I know I can't make it through this winter. My pension which was good when I retired, is no longer adequate. My income has been the same for over ten years. I have to sell everything and move to a province, where the cost of living is reasonable.

This coming winter, is going to be very grim for many BC family's. Too many young family's have to live on their credit cards. The hike in the carbon tax. Food costs up 20%. Gasoline through the roof. Hydro, I don't even want to think about. The HST, is the worst of all.

However, as we know. Big businesses and the elite are bottomless pits of greed. Good luck trying to get them to pay their fair share. They all lined up at the trough, and squealed for the HST too.

The corruption in this province, is too profound for the everyday citizen to cope with. It's wonderful for the people who live close to the U.S. border, Alberta or, many shop on line.

People who are stuck in BC, should check out the underground co-ops, they can save a family a lot of money. You can pay $5.50 for a chicken, instead of $15.00 in the supermarket. There are kids clothing swaps. You can even buy school supplies on line, tax free. You can save on, house repairs, car repairs, hair cuts and many other necessities, through the underground.

I refuse to buy anything, that has the HST applied. I will not support a corrupt, evil government.

North Van's Grumps said...

Over at my blog.......I borrowed this from the Feds.... its the LAW

Date: 2011-06-09

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Finance, pursuant to sections 277 and 277.1 of the Excise Tax Act, hereby makes the annexed British Columbia HST Regulations.

Our very own Waffling Premier, on May 25, 2011, told the Feds to set the BC component of the HST, to drop by one per cent on July 1, 2012

Its not 18 months away before Christy and Kevin start to move on this File..... if they wait, their revenues will start dropping by one percent.

The only Subject is that "result" is mentioned, but nothing specific like YES or NO

Where's the BC Liberals wordsmith Craig James?0

2011-0614 2011-06-09

Act Excise Tax Act
Subject British Columbia HST Regulations
Precis BRITISH COLUMBIA HST REGULATIONS, in order to formalize and give legal force to the reductions in the rate of the provincial component of the HST in British Columbia announced by the Government of British Columbia on May 25, 2011, which would reduce the rate of the provincial component of the HST from 7 per cent to 6 per cent, effective July 1, 2012, and from 6 per cent to 5 per cent, effective July 1, 2014, subject to the result of the referendum conducted under British Columbia’s HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) Referendum Regulation.
Registration Registration: SOR/2011-0121 Publication Date: 2011-06-22
Attachments 1-OIC / DDC

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It does appear as though the whole HSTBS has people thinking and voting more along class lines. Most people, though not most of the people in my town, do not like being screwed.

Cristy Clark sure has had an uneasy time of it. The oxygen she is breathing does not seem to be reaching her brain. Maybe she will do better if given enough time to adapt to her scripted environment from the largely spontaneous environment of talk radio, which she was very good at. Don't want to overdo it but she just might be batting for the federal Liberals just about as fast as Ujjal Dosanjh got a chance to after he became Premier if she is still thinking of moving up the election date.

There is more than one way to Canada House.