Monday, August 01, 2011

Is The Clark/Campbell/Falcon/Klingon Government Cheating On HST Sales Job?


In my opinion, based on their words, deeds and actions, they are.

And, in the opinion of Sean Holman, it doesn't even matter any more one way or the other because many who oppose the corporate tax shift perceive that they have.

Cheated, I mean.

And, to quote Mr. Holman directly:

"Nobody likes a cheater"


It's one thing for a Pol and his or her Klingons to be viewed as cheaters, or worse, by a chunk of the public that would never vote for them anyway.

But do you think everybody who is marking their ballot 'Yes' to get rid of the tax shift from big business to them (or mark 'No' when they mean not because they have been bamboozled by that as well) is actually playing on the left side of center ice?

I think not.

Which, one would presume, is what really has both the Pols and the Klingons really worried.

Update: The best non-pundit poet in all of Sliverville (and beyond) Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, who never met a saw log, Bertuzzi, Shithead, quarterhorse, or Bay Area Bomber, he didn't like (or know) has it just about right.



Tony Martinson said...

Sadly, I think you're dreaming. Voters will vote for crooks these days if they think the crooks will make the trains run on time. People knew Campbell lied to them - hello, BC Rail - and voted for him anyway.

Or maybe I'm just overly pessimistic.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Cannot see the Yes side in the referendum losing a single riding. Wait until you see how happy everybody is when the results are released.

RossK said...


This is different. People feel they have real skin in this game...I'm not saying they didn't with BC Rail, they just didn't (or chose not to) know it.


That's the real thing Beer--

Which is exactly Mr. Holman's point.


Norm Farrell said...

You folks might have faith in vote counting honesty but I don't.

Human nature is such that people who are prepared to cheat and lie for one cause will readily do so for another. You stand on one side of the moral divide or the other. Clark and fellow BC Liberals chose their side some time ago.

RossK said...


Knowing the work of Mr. Beer as I do....I reckon he's considering both possible outcomes resulting in 'happy' citizens


Anonymous said...

I agree with Norm.

Campbell spent his time in office, lying, thieving and selling out, the province and the citizens. His ministers backed that monster, to the nth degree. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, FORCED the HST onto the very people, who could least afford this atrocity.

Christy and her henchmen, are carrying on with the evil, this BC Liberal Party is famous for. More b.s. lies, deceit and utter corruption.

The BC people, are forced to contend with the corrupt BC Elections. Craig James has been caught, participating in corruption before. Trust that skunk, not on your Nelly.

There is not one damned thing in this province, that isn't corrupt. Just ask Falcon and Christy.

Kim said...

In my experience, based on phonecalls to voters in my riding and conversations in the grocery store, if the HST is voted in then we need to immediately take to the streets, complete with signage and demand a full inquiry into Craig James and every single decision he has made since his fortuitous "appointment" to EBC. Among other things...