Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HST Referendum Rebound....Make The Public Pay!


Well, well, well....

In addition to the previously predicted demonizing of public school teachers, which is their patented, bogus 'wedge-issue-on-a-silver platter' that they have whipped out in the past to move public opinion when required, it looks like the GordonCampbellLegacy government has also decided to collectively punish the public for voting against the HST.

And to kick start the wurlitzer, the GordonCampbellLegacists have gone to their 'middle-of-the-road' man, and Progressive's 1A horse in the not-long-past Legacy party's leadership derby, Mr. George Abbott, who recently outlined the 'one-two, punch 'em in the head, hard' strate(r)gy on a conference call with reporters that was captured for posterity by the Black Press' Dan Ferguson.

Here is Mr. Ferguson's lede:

Education minister George Abbott kept using variations of the word "challenge" during a half-hour telephone conference call with reporters on Tuesday to discuss the coming school year.

"It may be a somewhat more challenging school year," the minister said.

He was talking specifically about the deadlocked contract talks with teachers, but he sounded equally gloomy about the impact of the HST defeat on funding for new schools in Langley and Surrey, where population growth in some neighbourhoods has outpaced school construction.

"It [the HST defeat] adds an additional dimension into what is a challenging situation," the minister said.

There is a need for capital investment, he added, but it won't be easy to fund.

Even without the loss of revenue from the HST, the drop in revenues created by the international economic "meltdown" has forced the government to tighten its belt, Abbott warned.

"It is not a time we can be expansive when it comes to spending," he said.

"We don't have that choice."....

Did you get that?

Voting to get rid of the HST means that the GordonCampbellLegacy Government may be forced to make the (allegedly) tough choice to stop making capital investments in building things like, say, oh I dunno.....




We are still paying millions extra in carrying charges for those gas guzzling German slow ferries for no good reason at all....

And we are still paying hundreds of millions to throw a carpet over BC Place for absolutely no good reason at all.....

And, perhaps most egregious of all, we are still paying billions for IPP power being produced, for absolutely no fathomable reasonable whatsoever, by the Legacy's most-favoured friends and political uncles....

Tough collective punishment choices, indeed, Mr. Abbott.

And please understand that the minions and minders of GordonCampbellLegacy government Ministers do not set-up conference calls with reporters to 'accidentally' unleash viscious one-two propaganda punches to the collective public's head by mistake/not on purpose...OK?



Grant G said...

Here is the Real Story on BC Ferries, the debt, the interest on their debt, the debenture and how BC Ferries is paying interest on $500 million dollars(the debenture) that went into general revenue for the sole reason of plumping up the budget prior to the 2005 general election.



RossK said...

Thanks Grant.

It would appear that budget 'plumping' is the serial M.O. of the GordonCampbellLegacy government....

West End Bob said...

It would appear that a delayed provincial election may be a good thing. Maybe the electorate will get to see how truly despicable the gordoncampbellLegacy government can be and run them out of Victoria on the proverbial rail - Not a BC rail, of course, 'cuz they sold that off . . . .

RossK said...



There is still that old quid pro quo that we and, allegedly, Ms. Clark's brother know and love so well to consider.

Which, of course is the Roberts Bank 'Spur Line'.

In fact, the guy 'managing' that 40km of track, the good Mr. Mahoney, took home more than half-a-million of our dollars last year for doing...

What, exactly?