Saturday, August 13, 2011

Real Fun With Maps....


Here's something you may or may not know, but....

I am not a real Gazetteer.

And while I don't even play one on the TeeVee, I do like to throw weird locations into the subheader of these posts, even if they are really only locales pulled from the hippocampus of a sometimes slightly unhinged mind.

Just so you know, however, back in the old days I actually used to put down real coordinates for story locations.

But, just to be absolutely clear, I now officially relinquish any and all local map-making rights and/or privileges to the VSun's resident polymath, Chad Skelton, whose recently-published census material-overlaid maps of Metro Vancouver that make for some seriously fun and interesting reading/playing....Some of the stuff is self evident and some is a real eye-opener.




North Van's Grumps said...

And also included at the same web page, off to the right is Public Sector Salaries...... David Hahn front and centre photo provided by the Vancouver Sun.

Strange isn't that Mr. Hahn is considered to be a public sector and yet he's always been touted as private sector by the BC Liberals.

RossK said...


And when you have a private corporation, with a board that makes executive compensation decisions with public money....


Regarding inbred boards and outrageous executive compensation more generally, the following is particularly interesting.