Thursday, August 25, 2011

If CClark Is 'Braced' For HST Defeat.....

....Does this mean that they already have a 'Big Shiny' planned for Friday at, say, 1pm?

Wonder what it could be?


Maybe Whole Wheat Hostess Twinkies and Wonderbread for all needy families without a Land Rover?

And a pony?

What do you all think?

Meanwhile, The Dean just keeps on spinning his (or some insider's?) wheels....I mean, to float the trial balloon that CClark actually wants the defections.....Ya....Of course...That's gotta be it!



Grant G said...

Gee Ross...I guessed you missed Michael Campbell at 8:25 am this morning(cknw) lashing out at everyone if the HST goes down...Michael called out ..unions, teachers, public employees, taxpayers, seniors, poor people, everyone was guilty...

The rancor from that sick right wing gold nut was...


RossK said...

Actually Grant, I did hear it.

Apparently, in the original unedited version, there may have been a most passionate passage about how all the unicorns will just go 'poof' if the Anti-HST* side win.

In all seriousness, the most laughable part was how he kept invoking the $1.6 billion dollar bribe.

Like that is our fault.

And like we are not calling out frere Gord for his deceitful use of said bribe to try and force us to swallow this codswallop.

*Can't help but notice how that meme has now changed from 'Yes' to 'Anti' as the wurlitzer game starts to crank up.



North Van's Grumps said...

or how the HST stick-man changed it to being the "NEW HST", at 10%, etched in stone by a promised Federal Government ACT, but not mentioning that it doesn't come into effect until July 1, 2014

RossK said...



New and Improved, with Unicorn Horns!

(and a whole wheat twinkie in every lunch box)


Anonymous said...

That's what really made me livid. The 1.6 billion we have to pay back.

Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, long before the BC election. The three of them forced the HST onto the people. We made no deal with the devils. We citizens very clearly said, NO to the HST.

If Flaherty wants the money back. He can take it from the three thieves, Campbell, Hansen and Harper. Harper has already got the HST money back he thieved from us. It is Harper, who owes the BC people money that, he has stolen from us.

We have had to contend with, the BC Liberals non stop lying, and staling from us, for over ten years now.

The BC citizens owe those three shysters nothing, what-so-ever.

RossK said...



Your point is one that they thought they could just Unicorn away by...

1) Scaring us.

2) Bribing us with our own money.

We will find out if their one-two punch, which I reckon was pretty anemic in the face of the public's fury, was forceful enough to momentarily bamboozle us tomorrow.

(assuming, of course, that the results of the referendum are actually announced tomorrow)


Grant G said...

Peter Leich the co-chair of the smart tax alliance admitted defeat on CKNW radio, at about 5:45 pm...

After all the vote wasn`t close, no point in having the pro-side glued to the radio for news of a rout!


RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

Clearly there is a whole lotta expectation lowering goin' down.


West End Bob said...

Whole wheat Twinkies?!?

R U crazy, RossK?!?

Give us the bleached, white, non-nutritious ones or let us eat cake with the rest of the peasants . . . .;-)

RossK said...

But Bob--

Think of the children!

Especially the ones whose families don't have Land Rovers...