Friday, August 05, 2011

I Have Seen A Future Of Rock 'N Roll....


....And Its Name is tUnE-yArDs.

And she who is so inventive, Merrill Garbus, came up with the name after she dreamed of floating over fields filled with song that she decided to harvest like, say, this.



bigcitylib said...

I've become a huge fan. Even better now that she's turing with a couple real musicians.

RossK said...



And to see it all in action, you've gotta watch this fantastic tutorial on how she and they make the magic with the loops, on 'Powa' here.


Danneau said...

Great!, thought it's not kick-back music. Let's see, Sly and the Family Stone, Eric Dolphy, Ali Farka Touré...seems to be that it requires a level of listening that I associate more with Jazz, but who cares about the label. Plurality is good. Thanks for an ear-opener.

RossK said...

You're most welcome Danneau.

Yup - its clearly 'a' future, not the 'the' future....


Norm Farrell said...

I got out some old Paul Desmond recordings recently and that led me back to Brubeck, Morello and others, the musicians who caused me to skip rock 'n roll for a decade or two, until my first teenage son re-introduced the genre to our house.

With a bit more experience, I might learn to enjoy all streams of rOcK.

RossK said...

And the same is true for me for jAzZ Norm.