Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Two Faces Of Christy Clark


Yesterday, when the stinger-free hive mind that is BC's Legislative Press Gallery tried, ineffectually, to get Ms. Christy Clark to state whether or not she had any intention of dropping the writ for a snap, crackle, pop-tart* election this fall in the wake of the HST referendum result, she easily dodged their attempts to do so.

In fact, she even went so far as to belittle the buzzing flies by stating that they seemed to think more about elections than she did.

Ironically, at that very moment Ms. Clark's strate(r)gists were busy sending out blast E-mails to all her supporters.

Those E-mails essentially said two things.

First, "We screwed up!"....

Dear Supporter,

Well, the HST referendum is behind us and, while I am disappointed in the result, I wanted to share with you some thoughts about where we go from here.

I think we all owe a special debt of gratitude to Kevin Falcon, our Minister of Finance. Kevin worked tirelessly to consult with the public to make the case for the improved HST — we would not have come as close as we did without his smarts, energy and leadership.

As I just informed the media, we are returning to the PST with the exemptions that existed prior to the introduction of the HST. That is what people voted for and that is what will happen....

Second "The NDP leader's big-bad union bosses are after us, so....Send us money! Right now!"....

...Adrian Dix is spending his time traveling the province attacking me and our government. Their (sic) union bosses have now joined in with negative TV ads. We have to fight back. I hope you will click here to make a secure donation of $25, $50 or $100 today. With so much on the line, every dollar helps.....

So, enquiring minds, not of the hive, would like to know...

Why, Mdme Premier, do you need money?

And, perhaps more to the point...

Who in their right mind would send it to you right now?



There was a third thing in that note from the Premier to her dearest supporters.

Which was, "Do....Not....Forget. Everything, absolutely everything, is all Adrian Dix', circa 1998's, fault, because he loves taxes and we hate 'em....Well, we hate 'em if you ignore what I wrote at the beginning of this message"...

...The stakes are tremendously high, especially with our economy in jeopardy due to the global situation. We need to act boldly because the alternative is an NDP government led by Adrian Dix, one of the main architects of the disastrous economic policies of the 1990s. It is a choice between our free enterprise approach that brings BC together so we all win, or a high tax, free spending plan that tries to divide our province into winners and losers. The worst part is that their approach really means we all lose...

Irony really is still alive in Lotusland.


We thank Ian Reid and friends for publishing Ms. Clark's missive to the creme de la creme (ie. those that voted, in droves, for a regressive tax shift that would have significantly raised revenues without affecting their finances in any more than the most infinitesimal of ways....Norman Farrell has an excellent post up demonstrating how The Creme was all for the HST while those less well-off (ie. those whose disposable income is, right now, being significantly affected by the tax shift) voted in droves against it which, if you ask me (but not the local CorpMedia because they're too busy buzzin' around the Premier's eyes like flies), is the real story here.
*Of course, those pop tarts....You know, the ones with all of the snap and the crackle that the twinkle in the Preem's jaundiced eyes can muster would have to be whole-wheat, because we must think of the children! Especially all those wee little ones from slightly less fortunate families who don't have Land Rovers given that we don't quite have the cash now to give them all ponies (unicorns are, apparently, out of the question now that West Vancouverites can no longer get their extra revenue by ripping it, strip-by-strip, from the backs of those in Vancouver Kingsway).



Anonymous said...

"we all owe a special debt of gratitude to Kevin Falcon" = Blame this guy
"worked tirelessly to consult with the public" = wasted millions of your tax dollars on advertising
"That is what people voted for" = I think I can keep dodging Rail-gate and win the next election
"and that is what will happen...." = sometime in the next year or so, longer than the 90 days to implement the HST originally

Who is the we and the our in the last paragraph? "our free enterprise approach" lets "[us] all win". The NDP's approach means "we all lose". It can't be all the people of BC unless all the people of BC have a shared, common "free enterprise approach".

Anonymous said...

In the CBC clip interview, I stopped the video when she said - "the community voted in favour of scrapping the HST but we still have support in the ridings for the Free Enterprise party..."
There's the new name they're looking for - the FEP - Free Enterprise Party.
She also revealed their main platform for the election - "with the NDP, we get Adrian Dix, the architect of the economic policies of the 1990s."

Two wonderful hints for us to take advantage of in the next election. She's opened up the player handbook for all of us to see.

Whooo hooo, here we go!

RossK said...


Yes-you are correct - the projection that the just plain 'folks' that elected her leader of the party = all British Colmbians is a most obvious one


I think your point is most telling about how worried they are about the bleed that has already begun on their right side....This, more than anything, is why I reckon Mdme Premier's inner circle (ie. those who have her best interests at heart rather than 'all' British Columbians, or even her 'party') is still seriously considering a fall election.