Monday, August 17, 2009

Can You Get To The Courthouse On The Canada Line?



Well then....

I guess that means Gordon Campbell's man in the Railgate courtroom, Mr. George Copley, will have to take the Towncar to Smithe and Hornby when he goes before the judge, Madame Justice Bennett to explain what the hell happened to all those Emails.

Regardless, to my mind, there is absolutely no justifiable explanation for their ordered destruction during an election campaign.

An election campaign whose result was very much up in the air at the time of the ordered destruction.

Not to mention an election campaign that came immediately on the heels of calls for a full public inquiry into Railgate by the Opposition after it was revealed that the man who managed Mr. Campbell's first two election campaigns was actually in the employ of BC Rail to the tune of $300,000.

All of which, to my mind at least, means that the following question must be asked.....

Was the order given to destroy physical evidence to keep it from reaching the court or the public?

Or both?

Meanwhile, I have to wonder if all the overtime that was required to rush finish the King Edward station down the street from my house was paid for by stealing money away from British Columbia's best and brightest.......Sheesh.


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