Thursday, August 13, 2009

Save Kudos and Kvetches!



Because it looks like they're in trouble, that's why.

Ms. Bula (non pro-Division) has the story:

".....(O)ne of my very favourite reads in the city is in danger. Apparently it’s not getting enough Internet hits.

For those of you who have never read it, the Vancouver Courier’s Kudos & Kvetches column, which I believe is written after hours by random groups of staffers who have altered their consciousnesses chemically, is one of the last funny corners of journalism in a city far too weighed down with Serious Columnists Trying to Be Important or At The Very Least More Hysterical and Shrill Than Anyone Else.

If you haven’t read their description of the Vancouver city council’s inauguration ceremony last December, you have missed a truly Pantagruelian account of the festivities. (One word: giant perogies. Oh, that’s two.)..."




And bang the lever in Pavlovian Fashion for something that actually kinda/sorta matters 'round here.


And that includes you too Bob!
I was going to title this post 'The K&K Took My Baby Away' but, despite it's catchiness, it just didn't fit somehow, especially given that I don't actually know Ms. Bula personally and, to the best of my knowledge, my partner C. rarely reads it (presumably because she's got enough irreverance in her real life midst; at least that's what I would like to think/hope, ha!).
Oh, and in case you were wondering......Yes, there is a Uke Cover!!!!



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