Monday, August 17, 2009

Gary Mason Wants To Know Why Patrick Kinsella Won't Answer The Question...


.....About whether or not he was working for both for buyer and the seller in the run-up to the still super-secret BC Rail deal:

".....Mr. Kinsella has declined to answer questions about the role he may have been playing with CN or whether he was even employed by the rail company to give strategic advice related to the BC Rail sale. CN has not answered questions either.

This is interesting. Because when I heard that Mr. Kinsella was working for the financial institution connected to the proposed sale of another part of BC Rail's holdings in 2004, I phoned his lawyer, James Sullivan, to get it confirmed. Mr. Sullivan said Mr. Kinsella denied working for TD Securities in connection with the ultimately aborted sale of the BC Rail spur line.

So, why wouldn't he deny working for CN in the sale of BC Rail if it wasn't true?...."

Why, indeed?



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