Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RailGate Re-Visited....Will Laila Yule Tell Us Details That Ian Mulgrew Did Not?


Here is what Mr. Mulgrew told us, in his updated VSun report, about goings on in the RailGate Courtroom yesterday:

"....The defence lawyers are similarly upset that corporate and political fixer Patrick Kinsella has refused to answer their questions about his role in the railway auction.

They want the consultant, who worked for BC Rail on contract between 2001 and 2005, subpoenaed. They contend Kinsella is intimate with the divestiture and was the "go-to guy" or conduit to CN Rail.

Notes from two key Crown witnesses, according to the lawyers, say Kinsella, long a confidant of the premier, was in fact working for CN, ultimately the successful bidder......"

Now, just who are these Crown witnesses, exactly, and what are these notes, specifically?


Laila was in the courtroom yesterday too, and we're pretty sure she is going to tell us, when she posts up on these matters later today at her place.....

How do I kinda/sorta know this?.....Well, another citizen compatriot in courtroom-sitting, our good friend GAB, was there with Laila, and she already gave us a couple of juicy details in the comments to the previous post on this matter, here.....
Now, please do not misunderstand me...... I am in no way intending to impugn the work of Mr. Mulgrew here... Because his piece gave us more specifics than any other from a member of proMedia so far, including cross-country rival Mr. Mason....It's just that I'm fed up with some of the puffed-up punditry around here that keep calling us 'cultists' and who also accuse we, the people people who actually pay attention, of just making stuff up....


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