Wednesday, August 05, 2009

RAV Line To Open Two Weeks Early.....

.....On Aug 17th!

Hosanas On The Highest!


Have the PAB Bots call all the Usual Suspects.....errrrrr.... Water Carriers immediately!!!

Because this is an exaltation of everything our most Dearest Provincial CEO has ever promised.

Not to mention the fact that it everything he has ever before and/or ever will stand for.

Which means that it must be rung in with all the media bells in the entire province blazing.

Rung in by ringers holding rhyming and or alliteration dictionaries that are in flames.

Or some such thing.



Hang on a second.

Where have I heard that Aug 17th date before?

Oh, yes, here it is, courtesy our good friend B.C. Mary (see her masthead):

Police raided BC Legislature Dec. 28, 2003. Government employees arrested and charged: Basi Virk Basi (BCRail). To confirm BC Supreme Court hearing dates, check daily: use left margin LINKS, click on BC Criminal Court, then Adult Supreme Court, then Vancouver Law Courts. Hearings expected: August 17, 19, 20. Trial is expected to take 5 months: Sept. 2009 to Feb. 2010. Also: (Dave Basi, Jim Duncan, Tony Young re A.L.R., Victoria Supreme Court)....

And what is supposed to be dealt with when the RailGate hearings resume on Aug 17th?

Why, just that teeny-weensy Watergatesque matter of a big whack of missing and/or destroyed Emails between the CEO and his closest capos that the Railgate judge, Mdme Justice Bennett, has deemed likely relevant.



Massive deflector spin designed to maximally jam the Wurlitzer?

You decide.

Our thanks to reader and commentor 'Powell River Persuader' for bringing this to our attention before we could even think of it....Which is kinda/sorta like presque vu all over again.....


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