Friday, August 07, 2009

If The True Measure Of A Society Is How It Treats Its Weakest Members...


...Then I Am Afraid That British Columbia's Does Not Measure Up Well

Paul Willcocks has just one story, which he is telling very thoroughly to make sure it does not pass unremembered, that demonstrates how short our society's most important yardstick has become.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

"....A child taken away because his parents were poor.

This is a second column about a three-year-old boy. He started life healthy, loved by capable but challenged parents. But he was taken from them, based on legitimate concerns, at three weeks.

The basic problem was they couldn't afford a safe place to live. He moved through three foster homes in five months and then ended up in hospital, with symptoms suggesting he was shaken while living in the third foster home.

Now he's back with his parents. He's blind in one eye, can't walk and has cerebral palsy. His disabilities are permanent...."

And here are the posts to read, in succession, to get the full story that everyone in this province should know by heart when they make democratic decisions that will impact on how we as a society spend and implement our tax dollars.

Post #1

Post #2

Post #3

Post #4

Please read them.

It is a very sad, but very important, story.


It is also important to note that we only know about this story, because of the work of the independent Representative for Children and Youth, Ms. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, whose position was re-instituted in the wake of the Hughes Report (yes that 're' in front of the instituted is for real, because Mr. Campbell originally 'de' instituted it and more recently tried to strangle it after Ms. Turpel-Lafond asked for sufficient funds to actually do her job properly, funds that cost less than 3% per annum what it will cost to put that silly new roof on the Marsmallow or, perhaps more to point, considerably less than the Public Affairs Bureau).


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