Monday, August 17, 2009

RailGate Resurfacing....The Netroots Will Report


According to a comment she left over at Mary's, our friend Great Aunty Bertha was in the RailGate courtroom today with another friend, Laila Yule.

And, unreported by the proMedia so far.......

Apparently, according to GAB, a new 'notebook' has surfaced that belonged to Mr. Brian Kieran* that could maybe kinda/sorta shed some light on the various and sundry involvements of one of those closely connected with Premier Gordon Campbell, the BC Liberal Party, and, surprise!, BC Rail who has become, well, 'involved' in the case.


This could get good.

We await Laila's full report.....

The following is Bill Tieleman's description of Mr. Kiernan and that very fine fellow's involvement in all things railgate-related from his (ie. Mr. T's) comprehensive omnibus column/post published in Dec. 2008 titled "Railgate A to Z":

Brian KIERAN. Key Crown witness.The former Province columnist-turned-provincial lobbyist was partners with fellow key Crown witness Erik Bornmann and Jamie Elmhirst in Pilothouse Public Affairs. Pilothouse's offices and Bornmann's Vancouver home office were searched by police in conjunction with the B.C. legislature raid in December 2003.

Kieran -- whose Legislature Press Gallery nickname was "Fang" -- wrote a political column for years before retiring to become a lobbyist -- and a very successful one, using his many government and industry contacts to build a significant business.

Kieran's clients included the Certified General Accountants Association of B.C., the Council of Forest Industries, the B.C. Real Estate Association, Merck Frosst Canada, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and the Employers Forum of B.C.

But it was Kieran and Bornmann's role as the registered lobbyists for OmniTRAX, the Denver-based corporation that was bidding to buy B.C. Rail, that brought them notoriety.

documents released in court, police allege that Bornmann and Kieran gave David Basi and Bob Virk $30,000 in exchange for documents and information about the B.C. Rail privatization process.

Kieran told the Province in 2006 that the warrants
might "lead to assumptions" that would not be made if the full facts were available, and that he has co-operated fully with the prosecution.


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