Monday, August 17, 2009

Did An Entire Pack Of Rabid Dogs Eat All The RailGate Email Homework?



So here's what we know so far about what happened at today's Railgate Court hearing.....

First off, the judge is going, going, gone.....(almost).

Secondly, apparently Patrick Kinsella's attorney is a slow reader and thus needs more time to read a whole bunch of new documents.

And third, there was some kind of discussion about all those missing and/or destroyed and/or recovered and/or kinda/sorta lost government Emails that the defense asked for more than TWO YEARS AGO, and which The Globe and Mail reported in July were apparently ordered destroyed by one of the bosses of the governments' 'Citizen Services' division in May of this year.


May of THIS YEAR, in the MIDDLE of a provincial election campaign.


So, what, exactly, did Gordon Campbell's man in the Railgate courtroom, Mr. George Copley, tell the soon-to-be-departing Judge about what happened to all those Emails, which she has already deemed to be potentially relevant to the guilt or innocence of the accused, just as the first British Columbians got set to take their first 'free' trips on the Canada Line?

Well, we're not sure, exactly, but the following is Ian Mulgrew's interpretation in the VSun:

".....The defence team is frustrated in its attempts to obtain information it claims is vital to a fair trial, especially e-mails from current and former MLAs, including Premier Gordon Campbell.

The court heard that there is a complicated process of classifying and retaining government documents including emails, technical problems recovering some digital data and continuing debate about privacy and privilege concerns.

It still may be weeks before anyone knows what emails exist, which might have been destroyed, which might be relevant and which might ultimately be produced. Discussions over those issues will continue....."


This is absolutely ridiculous.

The following is a single question for Mr. Copley, the Minister responsible, Mr. Stewart, and/or the woman who runs the office that allegedly ordered the Emails destroyed, Ms. Hayes:

"Do the E-mails exist?"

Now, there are only two possible answers to this question, and both are very simple and uncomplicated.






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