Thursday, August 13, 2009

Netroots Nation Is On The Air!


I've long thought that interwebz-assisted grassroots activism on the left side of the spectrum (ie. the 'Netroots') has made a difference electorally down south.

In fact, despite all the wingnut-welfare-wurlitzered proMedia-backed 'conventional wisdom' to the contrary, I would even go far as to argue that such activism almost won (ie. did not 'lose') the presidential election for John Kerry in 2004.

Regardless, the news of today is that the Netroots Nation is having their big annual convention, right here, right now....

In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Which is not really right here, but for all intents and purposes really is.

Right here, I mean.

Because you can stream the entire thing.


And if you do you will notice (at least) two very important things.

First - issues of real import will be discussed.

Second - these are the rational people, not the crazies that you will see on Fox News screaming about Death Panels and the evils of a place like Canada because everybody can actually access Healthcare and nobody loses their house in doing so if they get really sick.


Just to show you how far these folks have come.....Not to mention how they've made the mainstream 'center-left' sit up and really listen to their power.....The keynote speaker (5:00pm our time Thursday) is none other than William Jefferson 'Don't Call Me George' Clinton....

Closer to home, the estimable Frances Bula
raised the issue of the lack of a Netroots-type movement provincially 'round here not long ago (as opposed to that fake Twitter/OpenPlatform official party codswallop we saw during the last election).....And I agree with her that we are not yet a force.....However, a little bird has whistled (ie. most definitely not 'tweeted') into my ear that we just may have a candidate to call our own next time around.....