Friday, August 14, 2009

Who Knew Jimmy Would Turn Out To Be The Charming One


My oldest kid, Bigger E., who is 16 now, gets upset with me sometimes for reading and thinking too much about things before I actually experience them for real.

And she's got a point.

But this is one that is driving me 'round the bend, head over heels with anticipation of the imagining to the point that I almost want to wait for the DVD and all the extras that are sure to be in the box that comes with it.


And if that trailer doesn't grab you by the Zozo's, maybe the final graph from Robert Wilonsky's review in the VVoice will:

".....Page air-guitaring along to Link Wray's "Rumble" and guiding us through the manse where the fourth Zep record was recorded; White building a guitar out of little more than wood, wire, and a Coke bottle. Guggenheim pits young'un against old fart: White bemoans "technology," while The Edge is nothing but—so much so that U2 fans may find themselves disappointed by the revelation that the Wizard is nothing but a pile of pedals behind that arena-sized curtain. It's Page, a joyful instructor and natural storyteller, who steals the spotlight (Robert who? More, please.) Only real complaint: The movie's not loud enough. They should have turned that fucker up to 11......"


Meanwhile, the greatest of the great, Les Paul, passed away yesterday. There is a fantastic story/interview from NPR's FreshAir up, here.


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