Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gordo's New Media Moneybag Is No Longer Being Delivered By CanWest...


....Instead, it's now being stuffed, signed, sealed and delivered by an outfit called Glacier Media.

Charlie Smith writing in the GStraight has the story:

".....In 2005, Canwest contributed $50,000 to the (BC Liberal) party. But this year, there's no record of any donations. Recently, Canwest media outlets, particularly the Province newspaper, have been slapping the B.C. Liberals around over such issues as health cuts, the harmonized sales tax, and the B.C. Rail case.

But there's a rising publishing company that has stepped into the breach: Vancouver-based Glacier Media Inc.

On January 7, it handed over $100,000 to the B.C. Liberals, according to the party's disclosure to Elections B.C.

It owns community and daily papers across Western Canada, including the Whistler Question, the Squamish Chief, the Powell River Peak, the Nelson Daily News, and the Prince Rupert Daily News. It also owns Business in Vancouver, which is a weekly paper in Vancouver, as well as three papers in Ontario and Quebec....."

But don't think that the bloom is completely off the Lotuslandian monopolistic media rose.

Here's Mr. Smith again:

"....Glacier's chairman, Sam Grippo, used to run Hollinger's community newspapers in Metro Vancouver. Glacier, which keeps a relatively low profile, has remained profitable despite a downturn in newspaper advertising. For the six months ending June 30, it posted a profit of $11.1 million on revenues of $118 million.

It's worth keeping an eye on Glacier because it, along with Black Press and Torstar, could one day be in the running to buy Canwest assets....."

Oh boy.

Sure would be interesting to know, don't you think, whether or not the Provincial government's wurlitzer/ad buys have gone up significantly at Glacier-owned outlets since the generous donation was made.....Perhaps some young whippersnapper like, say, Mr. Herbert could ask the man in charge of the PAB, Minister Stewart (who is also, at least nominally in charge of Email destruction apparently) that question in The Ledge next week.


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