Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is This The Dawning Of A New Era Of "Disaster Gordoism"?


As Colin Hansen runs around the province of British Columbia with his hair on fire telling anybody that will listen that revenues are suddenly (ie. in the last three months since the election) way, way, way, way down, you may want to consider the possibility, which was raised presciently by Paul Willcocks yesterday, that the Finance minister's leader, Mr. Gordon Campbell, may actually view this as a real opportunity to slash and burn like it's 2001 all over again.....

Times a hundred.....

If not a hundred thousand.....

Here's Paul's kicker:

".....Creating a crisis - this time through a wildly inaccurate budget - justifies all sorts of radical change...."


But why, you might be asking yourself, would Mr. Campbell view his self-exacerbated budget shortfall as an 'opportunity', rather than a 'problem'?

Well, I think it might have something to with his ideological world view and/or a fondness for the bleatings of a neandercon named Norquist.

Here's the comment that I left for Mr. Willcocks explaining my 'hypothesis':
Thanks for this Paul.

And it will be very interesting to read what others think about it.

Just to expand a little bit about what brought me to my hypothesis, I first started wondering about this after reading Monte Paulsen's interesting piece that was published in The Tyee during the early days of the election campaign just past.

Then, after the single TV debate that came later in the campaign, I really, really started to wonder.

Finally, when the post-election reports of the deep healthcare cuts first surfaced pretty much simultaneously with all that 'two-tiered is fine'-type talk that was floated by a Campbell-appointed official, which you commented on extensively, well, it was impossible for me to not think of that old saw from noted American uber-conservative Grover Norquist about wanting to shrink the size of government enough that so he could 'drown it in the bathtub'.


What do you all think?

Or as West End Bob keeps telling me "y'all".......Truth be told, I actually think 'you all' is the perfect expression, and it is something I've forcibly retained in my speech since coming back from the States....In fact, I use it a lot when I'm teaching....Why?....Because it's completely gender neutral.
There is another opening in the opportunity for Mr. Campbell, of course....which is really longterm scary....why?.....Well, because he could also use it to justify a whole new round of public asset sell-offs to raise so-called grace-saving short term capital....more on that later.


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