Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Clear New Voice In The Bloggodome


I first became aware of Norman Farrell through his numerous insightful comments that started popping up all over the local Bloggodome a while ago.

But somehow I missed his blog.

It's called 'Northern Insights' and it's good, especially when it comes to critical analysis of the local proMedia scene.

Analysis like this:

"...One does not need to be a sophisticated media analyst to conclude that Canwest Global's Palmer and Baldrey reported on the BCUC in a manner that is entirely below the standard set by Mark Hume. The Globe and Mail faces the same financial challenges as every newspaper publisher but in the western bureau, they employ and deploy high quality staff. Fine writers such as Mark Hume, Gary Mason, Rod Mickleburgh and Tom Hawthorne cover the news of this province with depth and accuracy, particularly in comparison to the competition....."

I suggest you check out Mr. Farrell's stuff regularly.


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