Thursday, August 13, 2009

When, Exactly, Did Mr. Campbell Decide To Implement The HST?


Well, if he'd taken the advice of his friends and uncles at the Progress Board that have so often influenced his thinking in the past, it might have been last December.

Jeff Nagel has the story in the Surrey Leader. Here's his lede:

"The provincial government was advised last December to pursue a harmonized sales tax – five months before the provincial election – but cautioned that it would be politically explosive.

A report from the B.C. Progress Board called on Victoria to adopt an HST "as soon as possible" on grounds it would improve productivity over the long term and boost business investment.

The premier and finance minister have been accused of hiding their intentions from voters and both have claimed the HST wasn't on their radar as an idea until after the May election....."

The Premier?

Hiding his intentions?

I am shocked. Shocked I tell you!

And if you believe that, boy, have I got a railway to sell you.




And how can the Dippers make the most of the flap/public hatred for the HST?.....Well, stay tuned.....Post on that comin' soon......


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