Saturday, August 22, 2009

RailGate Revisited....Mr. Mulgrew Gets Up To Speed


Well, well, well......

After the proMedia finally caught up with Laila and GAB yesterday, Ian Mulgrew of the Vancouver Sun today took things one step closer to Ken Kesey's old bus*:

"....If (Premier Gordon Campbell's former Campaign Manager Patrick) Kinsella is shown to have been working for both railways (CN and BC Rail) at the same time, the landscape of this politically charged trial will change completely.

That accusation is the lynchpin of the defence.....

{snippety doodle-dandy}

....If Kinsella did play a dual role in the deal (betweeen BC Rail and CN Rail), it would buttress the claim that Basi and Virk were only following the orders of their political masters, that the railway auction was rigged in CN's favour and that everyone knew it.

The defence argument holds that the Liberals wanted to sell the provincial freight operation to CN Rail and the troubled bidding process was designed only to legitimize the privatization; Basi and Virk were told to keep OmniTrax publicly in the running so it would appear the process was competitive rather than a fait accompli.

In return for playing along, the American firm was allegedly promised a "consolation prize" of remaining BC Rail assets....."
(stuff in brackets mine added for clarification)

Or, as we have been calling it for sometime now, the putative....




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