Monday, August 10, 2009

Does Kharma Trip Forward?



Because the rains have returned to Lotusland, and because I'm getting soft in my old (middle) age, I drove all the way out to the far western edge of Pt. Grey and actually parked in one of the last remaining old 'B' Lots this morning.

Which means I had to pay.

And because I didn't have five dollars in coins (who the heckfire does?) I had to use the plastic.

Which, for some weird reason wouldn't work.

Which meant I had to hunt around looking for another machine.

In the rain.

As a result, when I finally found the other machine I was doing a slow burn.

Fuming, actually.

And then I looked down and saw it.

The ticket.

Punched in at 7:04am this morning, but good until 2:00am tomorrow, sticking out of the little clear glass window, left there by a kindly soul who paid the five loons for less than two hours pavement rental but who nonetheless saw fit to take somebody else off the hook for the rest of the day.

Which, of course, means I've gotta do something extra nice for somebody I've never met before sundown.

Oh boy.

(I'll report in later)


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