Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did The Fine Folks From The Province and the Victoria Times-Colonist Just Call.....


.....Mr. William Berardino the 'supposedly' independent prosecutor in the RailGate case?

Why yes, I believe they did:

".....And what sort of government do we have in B.C. when our top justice official, Attorney-General Mike de Jong, can agree to pay the crooked officials' $6-million legal fees as part of a deal between a supposedly independent special prosecutor and the defence lawyers? What is the point of hiring an independent prosecutor in the first place, if at the end of the process the attorney-general — a politician in the very government whose integrity the case brings into question — will be needed to approve such a massive carrot in the plea bargain? Have the payment of lawyers' fees ever before been part of such an arrangement?..."

As for all that other stuff.

You know, the stuff that asks what kind of government would suddenly decide to have two minions.....errrrrr....Deputy Ministers.....put together a secret deal to pay $6 million dollars to get the 'crooked officials' to call off their lawyers just as said lawyers are about to start hammering the heck out of other officials of the very same government....


That all suggests to me that we have the sort of Government that knows in its heart of hearts that it is the one that is really and truly crooked at its core.

Otherwise, why pay for absolutely everything?





BC Mary said...


One day soon, somebody absolutely must write the book ...

otherwise, in future, nobody's gonna believe this stuff really happened. Future students will think we just made it all up ... like, maybe as the hallucination part of the Golden Era of Campbell.

RossK said...

You know Mary.....

For a long time I thought that person would be Bill T.

But it would appear that Mr. T. has another 'big' project to work on now.

How about Robin Mathews?


Grant G said...

Well, Basi and Virk can write the book.......
Toobad ....We could recoup some legal costs from proceeds of the book if it wasn`t for s.....


RossK said...


Good point.


I'm not sure they would be the most 'reliable' narrators.

Still, with the right ghost it just might be a heckuva read.


North Van's Grumps said...

Let me take a wild guess here, Mike De Jong made a hefty donation to the BC Liberal Party.

The BC Liberal Party donated to De Jong's campaign in all the years that he has run as an MLA.

If its frowned upon by the law society for a special prosecutor to make payments to those they are investigating, what is that same body saying about de Jong using taxpayers money to bail out Basi and Virk?

What does the AG's action say about any trial that comes before judges/juries in British Columbia? Will the criteria for having a fair trial be based on the almighty dollar? Will trials such as the Air India case be a thing of the past, will the public never find out who did it?

Will the BC Liberals be introducing legislation that sets a limit on how much a trial can cost, if its too much, no trial.

Will a speeding Solicitor General not have his driver's license yanked by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles for three months in the future?

Mike De Jong has taken the scales of Justice and loaded them to favour one side, the government's.

North Van's Grumps said...

Do you remember this little skirmish over at the Real Story on October 12th:

"7 Responses to BC Rail Corruption Trial: Re-organizing the deck chairs

RossK says:
October 12, 2010 at 2:35 pm


What’s that you say?

Mr. Berardino threw the pub-ban in the round file and talked to three reporters (at least one of whom did post-up a synopsis of what was said)….


Lemme guess….

Two from Postmedia and one from CP, right?

Which, if I’m right means nobody from The Globe (maybe Mr. M. came late again and missed the entire thing) as well as nobody from the Ceeb or any other ‘lectronic media whatsoever?

Does that mean that there were actually more Citizen Journalists in the gallery than paid ones?

Ian says:
October 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Off the record for part… Two from Postmedia and Mark Hume from the Globe. There was a CP reporter but he didn’t join the conflab. Robin Mathews was explicitly asked to leave Mr. Barardino’s “private” conversation."


Did the Special Prosecutor spill the Plea Bargain Beans to the Accredited Press here and that's why Robin was asked to step away from the conversation?


Anonymous said...

In the words of mr.Laity from the trailer park boys I FEEL A SHIT STORM BREWING!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...