Friday, October 01, 2010

Hold The Presses!....Red-Hot Zalm Rumour Goin' Down!!!


Because, while Jonathan Fowlie of the VSun may not know it yet, the 'Red-Hot' rumour runnin' round Spuzzum at this very moment is that Vancouver Province columnist Michael Smyth was Bill Vander Zalm's source on the 'HST Rate Cut' mirage that never materialized.

Sound preposterous?

Sure thing.

Except that you have to remember that it was Michael Smyth himself who said, on CKNW on Thursday morning with Philip Till, that the Rate Cut rumour was red-hot in VICTORIA on WEDNESDAY.

Which was BEFORE the Zalm's rumour release late Wed night.


Now, before you get all huffy about a pseudonymous Blogger flinging crap, please note that I actually have a real, verifiable timeline to back-up my codswallop.

Which is a helluva lot more than Mr. Smyth had when he started this entire thing, both with his comments on Mr. Till's show, and his words in his column that preceded those comments (scroll down).


*Mr. Fowlie was good enough to dig up(?) a transcript from a conversation between Christy Clark and the Zalm that took place on Thursday afternoon....Of course this prompted me to ask, in the comments to Mr. Fowlie's (so-called) 'blog' to provide us with a transcript of the more (or at least as) relevant Smyth/Till conversation from earlier that day.
Why the "?" above?......Well, it is difficult for a reasonable person not to wonder if Mr. Fowlie actually dug up that transcript himself or if someone handed it to him on a silver news zombie platter given that he, like Mr. Smyth, plies his trade not in Spuzzum, but in Victoria where all those other PAB-Bot-fired red-hot's reign down all day long....



Anonymous said...

I got a copy of the press release sent to me on Thursday @9:30 am. I'm on the FightHST mailing list.

Their site says it was posted at 6:30 am.


Anonymous said...

Michael Smyth was on Phillip Till's show at 7:40 am yesterday(Thursday September 30 talking about how "everyone" in Victoria was talking about it yesterday. Smyth said that FightHST put out their release late last night. Really? Accessible through their audio vault.


RossK said...

Thanks Sharon!

When I wrote this I really was joking.


Well, I'm honestly not sure.


Ricky Barnes said...

Dear Ross

I am hopful people will actually get out and recall a few Liberal MLAs over this. Their government lied. Many of those MLAs may never have known the extent to which "their" party was deep into bringing the HST to BC prior to the election.

Having learned that since, you would think they have had their opportunity to say we have been hoodwinked big time. They remain silent or worse, supportive of the HST.

BC does not need sheep, they need MLAs and a government that listens and does what is right, not what will benefit their corporate backers the most.

Recall them and start with my first choice, Donna Barnett in Cariboo South. She remains one of the most ardent defenders of the decision to bring in the HST.

She has also received thousands of dollars from the forest companies. She knows what side her bread is buttered on. And I am sure voters in Cariboo South know that even more so today!

RossK said...


And, in addition to getting their Corporate Welfare Queen Handout that is being ripped from our backs, Ms. Barnett's bacon backers at the trough have also been refusing to pay their municipal taxes.


kootcoot said...

"She has also received thousands of dollars from the forest companies."

And these forest companies get the money to give Spin Queen Donna from?

Oh yeah, I guess from savings from refusing to pay municipal taxes, savings from NOT OPERATING MILLS, revenue from raw logs after conversion from US Dollars or Chinese currency and profits from real estate sales of what was once forest land. It's difficult to imagine the money comes from conducting "forestry" with laid off mill workers and shut down mills.