Friday, October 22, 2010

Perhaps Someone Should Let Rick Cluff & Les Leyne Know....


...That deputy AG David Loukidelis was NOT the only person involved in constructing the $6 Million Dollar Straw Man that was designed to make all things RailGate go away after the Fifth Newscycle....

Why do FACTS like this matter?

Because when you know facts such as these you actually know what the heckfire you are talking about.

Or, put another way, when you don't know (or refuse to state) all the pertinent facts, you are essentially talking gibberish.

And the FACT of the matter is that the second deputy minister involved in constructing the $6 Million Strawman was Mr. Graham Whitmarsh from Finance*.

Which means that Mr. Whitmarsh very, very likely had to go through mini-Treasury to get the money to get the deal done.

In other words, Mr. Whitmarsh would NOT have gone to the oh-so insulated Attorney General Mike de Jong for approval (which was Mr. Leyne's babbling, gibberish-laden take on the matter), but instead very, very likely had to go through Colin Hansen and Cabinet instead.

And if it went through Cabinet?

Well, as Rafe Mair strongly argued earlier this week, that very likely means that Premier Gordon Campbell knew exactly how his government put together their $6 Million Straw Man.

Funny that The CluffMaster Flash interviewed Mr. Leyne on CBC Radio's Early Edition this morning and not Mr. Mair, don't you think.

Come to think of it, perhaps that is the REAL story here.

*Of course, as we have already established, Mr. Whitmarsh is also (at the very least), a close former business associate of RailGate era Finance minister, Mr. Gary Collins who, thanks to the $6 Million Strawman no longer has to concern himself with the prospect of having to explain his words on the transcripts of RCMP surveillance wiretaps while under oath in a court of law.
And if you've got a little tip-o-the-tongue complex going on due to the the sub-head, this should send it flinging through the oral fissure...



North Van's Grumps said...

new bc lobbying regulators have just opened their doors for business and just to keep your attention there's this little test they have: "Are you lobbying? Take our test."

Do you think these well meaning government workers could come up with other tests, to save $6 million, like:




RossK said...




Just thought of another one....


Norm Farrell said...

Maybe the Early Edition at CBC should be reminded to read this post. They set a pretty decent standard for reporting on the Braidwood Inquiry so we know they can do better.

Here is their contact form:

Anonymous said...

A must-read: Jack Knox's very funny take on the Basi-Virk "trial", posted today.

A welcome antidote to the lamestream media coverage. Vaughn and Les' Sat columns were so bad and convoluted. Maybe bored readers will skip the story?

Too late! public opinion is solidly against both the Basi-Virk "trial" and the Liberal government.

Can't wait for the recalls to begin.

RossK said...

Thanks Norman.



Might be the best Knox I've ever read.

He's always amusing, but often in a flippant, and even essentially trivial, way.

This one, however, got right to the heart of the matter.