Friday, October 22, 2010

Sometimes Not Everything In A Six Million Dollar Straw Man Burns To The Ground After It Is Lit-Up With A Blow Torch



The flim-flam, shimmy-sham, apple-pandoughty of a RailGate trial is over.

Which means that everything is once again up for discussion.

Including the matter of a change in cabinet privilege 'protocol' surrounding the potential non-cabinet-based handling of RCMP documents that involved Gary Collins way back in 2004 just before the latter suddenly resigned as Finance Minister.

Ian Reid has the story.

The money quote is the following:

“As the very issue raised in your correspondence is actively before the Court”, (then RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary) Bass wrote (to NDP Justice critic Leonard Krog in June of 2008), “I agree with (RCMP) Superintendent McRae that any criminal investigation (into the matter of 'protocol' changes) at this time is premature and not in the public interest. It is my position that we should await the outcome of the application in this matter (ie. the RailGate trial) before making any final determination with respect to entering into a criminal investigation into this matter.”
(stuff in brackets all mine)


The trial is over.

And Mr. Bass has a new job.

So, perhaps this would be great time for somebody in the proMedia* to ask the good Mr Bass if he and/or his are working on making that 'final determination' about entering into a criminal investigation.

*According to Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey and Bill Good this morning (ya Grant, I listened....Sheesh), members of the Lotuslandian proMedia are actually looking for 'legitimate' avenues of investigation follow up on that aren't eminating from the 'Wingnuts in the Bloggosphere'....
For the record, in response to an excellent, and fully realized, report from Justine Hunter report in The Globe, we wrote about this 'change in protocol', which, also for the record, involved the 'Man of Many Hats', way back when, here....


Anonymous said...

To be a good human being is to be enduring a kind of openness to the mankind, an skill to trusteeship unsure things beyond your own manage, that can front you to be shattered in uncommonly extreme circumstances as which you were not to blame. That says something remarkably important with the condition of the honest autobiography: that it is based on a corporation in the uncertain and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a plant than like a sparkler, something somewhat tenuous, but whose extremely particular attractiveness is inseparable from that fragility.

Grant G said...

Gee Mr. K...I hope I didn`t cause you too much hardship....

I just though you might have wanted to hear Baldrey/Palmer and Good drop their mouths in shock...

And picture this in your mind..Bill Good with his hand and thumb doing a throat cut move aimed at Nick on the controls to chop this caller off.

Not fast enough...


Herman Munster said...

Grant G. is right on the mark. BTW, here's a good link on the Straight Goods

RossK said...

Interesting little bit of misdirection there Mr. Tree.

Tell me, if you wish.

Who, exactly, do you work for?


Anonymous said...

looks like agt handy work

RossK said...




It seems a tad restrained for that don't you think?


Grant G said...

Oh Hi Ross K...I see AGT, my super fan has left a link to his other site.

Yes Ross K...That is Alex G Tsakumis behind that blog..

Alex`s Briangoughisawesome blog is neither funny or clever, it`s stupid, just like Tsakumis...

In Case you haven`t noticed Ross...AGT mentions me in almost all his posts, he calls me delusional, a drunk, a pill popping fool, AGT uses the phrase lucky beer.

So there you go folks, all you fans of the hater Alex G Tsakumis go to the link joshua Tree left and have a look at the handy work of the so-called professional writer Alex G Tsakumis.

Ross...Alex G Tsakumis has been trying to leave the link to his other site for the last week, I don`t let it through, I have it marked as SPAM

And that`s OK...Because they don`t shoot dead ducks, Alex Tsakumis is jealous because I keep out classing him by miles!


Ian Reid said...

Ross K,
Thanks for the recent shout-outs. You're doing a pretty excellent job of digging around in the murk yourself.

How about the Victoria plea? No evidence of influence except the influence, or something like that according to Winteringham? How does that work you might ask?


RossK said...

Thanks Ian.

I must confess, I am amazed (and very disturbed) by how far ahead all these apparently sudden eventualities appear to have been 'planned' for.

Clearly, someone has decided to do all the hanging out before the big announcement next Wednesday.

Which, I suppose could lead one to wonder which of two ways things will go during that 'announcement'.

(sorry for the gibberish, but the constant spin has my own ventricles giving me vertigo)


Anonymous said...

You know how I knew it was that puke because I've seen josh answer his own questions on his very own site before,(is that guy for real),must of be dads money he's blowing because an idiot like that would be begging on the street for crumbs not because he's an idiot but because he's lazy, wonder if the kids are proud of dad the troll,how see through is this guy and he has many more handles, right my good friend Pedro as always its good to hear from Pedro busted again alsux.typo but it fits so well.