Friday, October 22, 2010

Is There Anything Lower In The Polls Than Gordon Campbell?



Update, Oct 26/13....For those arriving by way of the Twittmachine Feed, you may be interested in this latest (kinda/sorta) new RailGate development

Why yes it turns out, believe it or not, that there is actually something less popular in the province of British Columbia than Premier Gordon Campbell and his 9% approval rating right now.

And that very unpopular thing, at least according to a highly-reputable online poll* that has garnered more than 1600 responses, is the prospect of NOT holding a Public Inquiry into all things RailGate:

*Which, of course, is at least as highly reputable as any other silly CorpMedia outlet online poll that gets freeped by whomever, based on calls from wherever, whose operations are paid for by the usual suspects......Or some such thing.....


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RossK said...

Mon Oct 25th....

Total respondents now more than 2000.

Still running 97% for.....3% against.