Thursday, October 21, 2010

The One Day De-Harmonizing Of Gary Collins and Graham Whitmarsh


We have already established the following.....

....Former RailGate era Finance Minister Gary Collins once worked for David Ho's now defunct Harmony Airways.

....Current Deputy Finance Minister Graham Whitmarsh, who helped Deputy AG David Loukidelis put together the super-secret $6 million dollar plea-copping bonus-baby deal that ensured that former Minister Collins would never have to testify, under oath, in front of transcripts of RCMP surveillance wiretaps, at the RailGate trial, also worked for Harmony back in the day.

But here's something we didn't know, courtesy of Sean Holman's fantastic archives over at Public Eye.....

.....Current Deputy Finance Minister Whitmarsh was 'relieved' of his duties at Harmony on Nov. 30th 2006.

....Former RailGate era Finance Minister Collins resigned from Harmony just one day later on Dec. 01 2006.

Which, in my opinion at least, means two more things.....

....Mr. Whitmarsh and Mr. Collins know each other because they both worked together as executives at the small, locally-based Harmony Airways at the same time.

....It is not unreasonable for a reasonable person to wonder if the government of British Columbia and, more specifically, the Premier of British Columbia under whose pleasure all deputy ministers serve, placed Mr. Whitmarsh in a conflict of interest by having him help work out a super secret deal that ultimately benefitted a previous close business associate.




Grant G said...

Eric Borkman has applied to the Ontario bar to become a lawyer!!!!

I guess admitted illegal bribe givers have high standings in the law!!!!


RossK said...

Oh brother.....

Really makes one wonder if a second PHouse principal will suddenly be appointed the chief provincial regulator of all lobbyists in British Columbia or some such crazy, mixed-up thing.


(thanks Grant - I think)


cfvua said...

Why would we be surprised to see one more conflict appear from this group? The liberals have shown themselves to be masters of the art, not to mention being masters of attempted cover-up schemes, which they have all most pulled off. Thanks to the efforts of some diligent bloggers and you know who you are, maybe the support garnered will convince one of the many to start to sing. Surely, the allegiance to Campbell cannot be so great as to have your own reputation shattered, even though one has been handsomely "looked after" as one of the accused was alleged to have been told in a conversation that came out in court.
Lets just say for a minute that they were doing as they said-following orders from headquarters and the story kept unfolding? Just the little bit of information that was recovered from the two memory loss victims would be enough to dis-credit the reporting of the accredited few. Mainly around the "zero proof" commentary, which really was signed by an accredited person, but did they really write that PABlum??
All that has really happened is confirmation of what apparently 91% of people think of Campbell. And a strengthening of resolve as far as recall goes. Will any more with any resolve jump ship? Talk about shovelling dirt on yourself.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I think Harry Lali's white men walk/brown men take the fall theory is the buttery icing on this slick rail-cake. I ought to have mentioned previously that Basi/Virk and I share the same lawyer. Two years house detention! No wonder discerning alleged criminals include Bolton on their list of go to guys.

RossK said...



That is something that has not been talked about enough here....

Clearly Bolton and McCullough wiped the floor with Mr. Berardino and his Minions.

(in a purely criminal courtroom proceedings sense, of course).


Points taken cfvua - thanks.

However, clearly, they have decided to deal with this in one big whoosh of 5 or 6 newscycles right now, so that the Keith Baldreys and Ian Mulgrews of our proMedia world can grab their spades and start digging that memory hole at the front of the big one year push to referendum which the Commander is all set to embark on....


kootcoot said...

"Eric Borkman has applied to the Ontario bar to become a lawyer!!!!

I guess admitted illegal bribe givers have high standings in the law!!!!

I opined that Bormannnnnnnn would likely be now joining the bar a few days ago at Mary's - adding that a bit of criminality (i.e. burglary and bribery) just made him more eminently qualified to joing the brotherhood of fixers.

I'm waiting now for my other prediction to come to be. The BC liaRs realizing they better start an inquiry while they can control it will do so - appointing Judith Reid and Gary Collins the Co-commissioners of Inquiry - of course they have to find Judith first, but she is probably willing to come out of hiding now that everything has been taken care of and could probably use the gig!

I can already hear Balderdash, Palmer and Mulgrew annointing the appointments due to their "familiarity" with the issues!

If that sounds far-fetched, remember that StoneWally chairs the Pickton inquiry into an investigation he was at one time in charge of (as top Justice Official in the Province during some of the time in question) and about which he has since had plenty to say.

Only in the banana republic of BeeCee!