Friday, October 01, 2010

Who Needs A Percentage Point When You've Got An Evergreen


Well, well, well....

Gordon Campbell's speech to the UBCM is done and all the Spinmeisters win because, apparently, none of the rumours came true.

As for all those in the proMedia that took the bait and cranked up the Wurlitzer while they ignored real hard news (and hard numbers) on how the HST is slowing both the Ontario and the British Columbia economies?


They should hang their heads in shame.

But they won't.


Because they'll be right back at it next week, with full corpMedia platforms to blather from, blanketing the airwaves and sliming the fishwrap with their codswallop.

And in the meantime?


It would appear that The Herd has just discovered that there are actually Angels in Delta.

And that oughtta keep them all moving in the same (non-HST) direction for another news cycle or two.


Gord wins!

(this round)


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