Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When, Exactly, Did The Buffalo Springfield Come To The B.C. Blogosphere


Not long ago Vancouver's finest municipal blogger Frances Bula wondered why we didn't have much going on that pertained to provincial politics in the bloggodome.

And while I tried to argue that we did, in fact, kinda/sorta have such a provincial scene happening even I had to concede that we were essentially playing to a niche audience made up of our own small circle of friends and on-line uncles that we were doing our best to influence.

You know, kind of like protest folk-rock for the fringe-jacket set after Dylan went electric just before The Buffalo Springfield hit the bigtime.


But all that seems to have changed over the last few months.

Which is interesting, especially given the disappointing way the BasiVirk trial ended for those of us that want the the entire truth to come out.

Why interesting, you may be asking?

Well, if you think about the way Laila Yuile's Sea-To-Sky 'Shadow Toll' expose was whipped around the provincial bloggodome and has been very extensively commented upon in the last 18 hours or so, you can see that something really is happening here.

And while what it is may not be exactly clear, it is is clear that people really are starting to pay serious attention.

And for me the real kicker here is that we don't seem to need the proMedia's wurlitzer to start cranking for that to happen.

Interesting that, eh?

Not to mention potentially very powerful.

And for those of you who have been hanging around this little F-Troop List blog for awhile and think you have read this all before, albeit in a very different context....Well....You have.....



Anonymous said...

I'd rather read this and all the other blogs than the spew from the ledge brought to you by the veg.Thanx for all of yours and all the others hard work on behalf of us all gordo thinks hes made a clean get away,funny thing is the police were driving the get away car for the libs,or should I say the alliance.Well I truly hope he who laughs last laughs hardest.It is a truly sad state we live in knowing for sure what has happened.

istvan said...

Ross,I bought that album for one of my first girlfrends,hoping she would play it over and over[she did] Thanks for the link.For what it's worth!

West End Bob said...

RossK, I'd forgotten what a great album "Hi Infidelity" is - Thanx ! ! ! !

Norm Farrell said...

We can tell things are changing in the blog world by a few methods. The most important is readership and the traffic counters have been spinning quickly.

Another way is the where the visits come from. I notice great traffic from government and legislative IP addresses, Monday through Friday, 7am to 10 in particular. People in Victoria offices are reading and it is more than the $50 K a year media monitoring blog readers.

Another way to measure the effect of blogs is to listen to and read the snarky comments of the lamestream folks, particularly the near apoplexy on NW's Friday morning but also the wounded doe routine by radio's and tv's tall guy.

RossK said...



There is good stuff going in the proMedia pixels too, of course.

All I'm saying here is that we appeared to have gotten to a place where we amateurs can, when we do good work, get reasonably widely read and discussed - by good folks like you. Thanks again.



Get the heck out!

My kids and I play that tune sometimes as part of 'Our Busking Year' activities (see sidebar)


You are waxing ironical aren't you?....Although, like Tom Selleck, I suppose that if you take the Speedwagon in very small doses you will not actually go insane.

(at least not immediately)


Sure Norman--

And I see all of these things, but to be honest they come and go to some degree (which is something I can say because I've been here for awhile now).

What I was really trying to say with this post, as mentioned above, is that there seems to be a bit of a change in the Zeitgeist where we amateur bloggers are reporting, opining and discussing things in a more meaningful and interesting way.