Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pilot House Principals Gone Wild?


Late night Thursday....

I was just listening to the (not-so)Giant 98's 11:00pm newscast.


I could have sworn that I just heard a Fang throw a wannabe Spiderman under the bus.

Guess only time, and/or the apologists on the Goodship Watercarrier's Friday morning radio show, will tell.

I will not be listening.

(somebody feel free to fill us in if anything 'newsworthy' pops-up)



Cfvua said...

Hey Ross. Are you talking about ding dong throwing his AD under? Sorta reminds me of Les (is more) slithering away while his helper got dragged away by the bus. Weren't Basi,virk and Basi kinda thrown under at the start?Must be the preferred method!!!

Grant G said...

Mr. K...Have a listen to the audio vault...9:35 to 9:42...

A fellow named Grant called in..err Brian from Garden bay,and he had something very interesting to say, Grant started talking and got his first point out in the airwaves and then the 3 stooges panicked and said...

"That`s brian, brian, it is brian, brian, brian,"

Both Baldrey/Palmer and Good freaked out and cut the phone line dead, Grant/Brian had more to say but was cut wayyy short, but...

Brian got out some juice on the Basi`s large holdings of wealth...

Those stooges are scared shitless of your friendly neighborhood persuader..


RossK said...


Kieran and Bornman(n)*

*think the latter, whose spidey sense presumably stopped tingling on Monday, is now back to using one n now that he doesn't have to throw the folks from Osgoode Hall off 'teh' Google scent.

Awwwwww crap Grant.

It will have to wait.

After all, I do not drink during the day.

And I will need a good stiff belt before I pry open the door to that stink-laden sarcophagus again.

(all kidding aside - nice work)