Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ooooh....What's That Smell?



I finally broke down and bought the allegedly new-and-improved, not to mention the super-shiny high-tech, Globe and (nolongerEmpire) Mail yesterday.

In terms of the significant decrease in long-form, deep understanding pieces, it is clearly, in my opinion at least, a step backwards for sure.

But, then again, there is something to be said for the increase in higher profile/higher impact stuff that seems to have squeezed-out a significant proportion of the parochial 'inside' Central Canada minutiae that may not be such a bad thing, at least as it pertains to the National edition.


Here's the real thing....

When I pulled the thing out of my pack after I got home and settled into the Subterranean Blues Room (eg. my pigeon-holed office in the basement) the smell of it hit me ton of bricks.

And it was not a new smell at all.

Instead, it instantaneously reminded me of the super-ink-saturated uber-cheap newsprint smell that permeated my pre-adolescent childhood when my brothers and I got ripped off by a bald, cigar-smoking guy named Mario to deliver massive bundles of shiny five-and-dime flyers at a never-quite realized 1.5 cents per.

High tech, indeed.



Kim said...

Was it really Red? The website is pretty red. Not the content though, I thought. I found the content pretty Blue, in the Royal Blue sense, or the Conservative Blue. Definately not the sweatervest blue of old.

Sorry, not very olfactory of me. On that note, I love the smell of moss and rotting leaves. First kiss...

RossK said...


This is most definitely the season of moss and rotting leaves.