Monday, October 04, 2010

HST Reduction Shuffle: Bill Tieleman Says, (almost) Unequivocally, That....

...Michael Smyth Was NOT The Zalm's Source

Specifically, when asked by CKNW's Sean Leslie on Sunday afternoon why the 'Fight The HST' braintrust sent out their 'Rate Reduction Rumour' press release prior to Premier Gordon Campbell's speech to the UBCM last Friday, Mr. Tieleman said that folks should go ask Michael Smyth because he, Smyth, ran with the same rumours without, according to Mr. T., speaking to the Zalmoids about it.

Mr. Leslie, whose history of palling around with Mr. Smyth we have noted previously, did not go there.

And neither, of course, did Mr. Leslie attempt to get to the heart of the matter while he wrung his hands and went on and on and on (and on) about the sleaziness of the shooting of messengers rather than messages themselves (which Mr. Tieleman was happy to abide).

And what is that heart that matters that Mr. Leslie so assiduously avoided?

Well, if you ask me, the real story here is that there was a serious attempt at media manipulation goin' down in Victoria on Wednesday....Mr. Smyth took the bait and started the Wurlitzer crankin' on Thursday not understanding that the Zalmoids had already set the thing up for the spiking.

Which they did, as fully evidenced by what Mr. Campbell did NOT say on Friday.


As I've noted a number of times already....

I figure that, in the main, these are all relatively bright boys who know and fully understand what really went down (Mr. T. even suggested as much to Mr. Leslie himself during their Sunday afternoon radio chat given that the latter is based in Victoria).

So, ask yourself this......

Why won't these people tell us what they really know?

Do they think we're stupid?


Is something else going on?

And while I'm not averse to stroll or seven down memory lane with Mr. Vanderzalm's historical record (as long as, say, Mr. Campbell's get's the same treatment), if you want something a little less political and a little more personal, you couldn't do much better than this, from Alex Waterhouse-Hayward.



Anonymous said...

Gee RossK, when I saw that you had used the plural form for pal, palling, I had to Google it to see if it was right, or a typo on your part.

You're appalling correct on palling!

RossK said...



Who knew....



Anonymous said...

interesting post Ross. Personally I wonder if the Zalm was right and the speech was changed (surely had to be one of the lightest UBCM speeches on record and 20 minutes lauding the Olympics? It's a government that's really out of touch with British Columbians.)

And thank you for the link to Alex Waterhouse-Haywards excellent thoughtful piece on Bill Vander Zalm (great photos too)

RossK said...


I do not think what you had to say is that far-fetched.


Because if there was counter-spin at work from the Zalm camp, on the face of it I agree that it appeared to have worked.