Sunday, October 24, 2010

Those French Kids Really Are Alright....


Even when they are not protesting for the rest of us....


Here is the original...
For anybody wondering about the disappearance of our weekly Uke artist features....Well.....We're now working on a 'Saturday's Alright For (Uke!) Cover Fighting' podcast...



paul said...

Thanks. A fine way to start the week.
(Saw a uke employed to great effect with David P. Smith and the Euphorians yesterday.)

RossK said...


Those kids really are.

(closer to fine, I mean).

As for Mr. Smith?


As Glen Hansard likes to say of Frank Black of The Pixies....

"He's the 'f'in' King, man"

(especially when he's on the squeezebox)

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Euphorians



paul said...

Hopefully, they'll be coming soon to a venue near you. He's got up a fine band - really tasty trumpet, a player who does banjo, guitar and baritone horn, another who does bass and ukelele, a drummer (who wasn't at the show) and two fiddlers (including Jody's daughter Rachelle). Great harmonies and additions to already strong songs.

RossK said...

Oh, my.

That is fantastic Paul.

We will watch for them.

(and we are collecting MP3's for our Uke Podcasts just in case anybody wants to send one our way)


Rev.Paperboy said...

Waitaminnit! a uke podcast you say? Hawt diggity dang doodle!
I urge you (and the older E) to watch 1,000 Clowns at some stage, if only for the dramatic use of the uke.