Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RailGate's Despicable Denoument....Blame The Prosecutor



Update: As our good friend Alison notes in the comments....Part of the deal is actually a gag order on Mess'rs Virk and Basi....WTF!!!!???....Who the hell did the Prosecutor AND current Attorney General Mike de Jong figure they had to protect?....Is that bloody solicitor/client (read 'Bankers') privilege thing that Mr. Alan Seckel used to use to gag everything back in the good ol' days of the pre-AnnieMac pretrial hearingsback in force again?....Remember folks, the 'Publication Ban' for us is now off.....While the proMedia might pretend they don't know, we know what we know, and it is time for us to do all the talking....About everything....Me, I'm going to start with the wiretaps that former Finance Minister Gary Collins did NOT have to talk about, in open court, last week after the (not-so)Special Prosecutor threw the BCLiberal Red towel into the center of the ring.

Mr. Gordon Campbell's newest favorite 'criminal', David Basi, says it is all Special Prosecutor's fault.

Specifically, David Basi, in an interview with CBC's Terry Donnelly, said that it was Geoff Plant's and Premier Gordon Campbell's current main man, Alan Seckel's, appointee, Mr. William Berardino who threw in the towel and approached his lawyer about the deal.

Which, despite all the codswallop that has been flying around since the 'shocking' announcement, means that Rafe Mair's question about who gave Mr. Berardino his marching orders is now more relevant than ever.


Cheese Willickers!..... I go into the Science Geek Bunker for 24 hours and when I come out this craptacular deed is all done for good..... And despite the fact that we who have been paying attention recognized what was going on two weeks ago when Allan Seckel's appointee told the court that he was 'shrinking' his hit list after the Defense lawyers wiped the floor with his first two witnesses, the fully accredited proMedia (who were ALL there for the announcement yesterday) feigned their greatest of great 'surprise'......Fully accreited citizen journalist Robin Mathews has that story, in full, over at Mary's place.



Alison said...

G&M :
"Attorney-General Mike de Jong confirmed Monday that he gave final approval to the controversial arrangement with Dave Basi and Bob Virk.

What wasn’t revealed in his conversation with reporters was the fact the two men, who pleaded guilty to leaking secret government information in exchange for cash and other financial benefits, had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to get the $6-million reprieve."

According to sources, when asked anything about the deal, Mr. Virk and Mr. Basi have been ordered to follow a tight script: “I must refer all matters to the Attorney-General,” they have been told to say."

So we're now actually paying B&V not to talk to talk to us.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the "hits" at all of the blogs that are writing on the sudden death of the BC Rail Trial?

The site meter above is for Paying Attention Paul Willcocks.

Its access is free.

RossK said...

Thanks Alison - have written an update....


My numbers doubled yesterday, getting pretty close to that place where they were when Kim Bolan got mad at me and thrust the blog, however briefly, into the Wurlitzer when David Akin took note....And all this doubling of hits yesterday happened when I didn't even write anything.

Clearly some folks were searching around for stuff that they weren't get from the usual (fully-accredited) suspects.