Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On The HST, Gordon Campbell Says...

......The Feds Made Him Do It!


Because, according to him, it was the Feds that held the massive $1.6 billion anvil over our heads.

Which has us wondering....

Does Mr. Campbell think he can erase the public record as easily as he erased all those RailGate Emails?



Feel free to let us know what you thought of the Premier's mucky, million-hued, finger-painting melange of a speech that, essentially, turned-out brown, in the comments.




Your driver said...

As an outside observer, I think Mr. Beer N. Hockey spoke to it well but you win some kind of internet political writing award for, "...the Premier's mucky, million-hued, finger-painting melange of a speech that, essentially, turned-out brown..."

Down here I'm following the World Series on the internet and playing the ukulele.

RossK said...



(and the mucky melange thing came up over at the local live blog where only two participants multitasked by watching the secular humanist Giants crush the Texas TeaPartyers (and their Advil pushing owner)


Gary E said...

Two Words and one statement Ross

Ho Hum
Recall is now in full swing

RossK said...



So, are you saying that the $5K you'll save the next time you buy an $85K truck isn't going to be a game change for you?

(and hey! do you know which mill it is, exactly, that has stayed open, specifically, because of the HST?)


Ed Seedhouse said...

He fibbed.

FIFTY percent of the tax cut will go to the top 20% of tax payers because the cut applies to the FIRST 72K of EVERY taxpayer.

He sorta "forgot" to mention that in his speech.

RossK said...


Yup - he obfuscated with silly percentage comparisons that mean nothing when the real numbers are so different....

Here is the real dollar the breakdown, from Andrew MacLeod in The Tyee:

"....For someone earning $50,000, the cut Campbell announced today will reduce income taxes by $354. For someone earning roughly $72,000 or above, the difference will be $616. A person earning $20,000 will keep an extra $68 a year....


Grant G said...

The speech was insulting.."no hst on legal aid"

Toobad all the legal aid offices have been closed and funding cut by 85% since 2001.

Tax policy Ross K...Tax cuts starting in January 2011..But the tax year ends in April,does that mean the tax cuts will only be partially realized on one`s 2010 return?...

Methinks the tax cuts won`t be realized until one files their 2011 return.

Bigger deficits or service cuts and or more user fees, car levy, hydro increases...Enjoy the read


Ian said...

Did you notice the story on the budget deficit, the election and the HST kind of changed again? My pal Suzanne hit on it right away last night.

I also noticed that the Gov. disabled the comments on its Youtube postings of speech excerpts. The truth hurts too much.

RossK said...


I most definitely did.

And did Suzanne also note that Mr. Campbell treated us all like we are dumber than a sack of 4th graders?

(post comin' on that one)