Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RailGate Witness Reduction Plan...Will The Ol' Flight Instructor Still Take The Stand For The Crown?


Only Special Prosecutor Mr. William Berardino, and, perhaps, a hermetically-sealed wiretap or 50, know for sure.

How do we know this?

Because Mark Hume, who filed a little late yesterday, way after the PostMedia Boys, told us it was thus in the pixels of the slimmed-down Globe:

"...Mr. Berardino told reporters his unexpected manoeuvre will not weaken the case against the three accused.

“We believe it’s in the best interest of the administration of justice to do everything to shorten the case, without impairing the strength of the Crown’s case,” said Mr. Berardino.

He declined to say which witnesses might be dropped and would not confirm whether former B.C. finance minister Gary Collins, who was expected to be called next, is still going to appear for the Crown...."

So there you have it.

All in the interests of justice being served, according to Mr. Berardino.


For the best in-depth analysis and opinion of what Mr. Berardino's latest gambit may really mean, Robin Mathews' citizen-accredited musings over at our friend Mary's are the real deal.



kootcoot said...

Ross, Robin's musings over at Mary's ARE indeed awesome, as usual. I'm beginning to think this is the Campbell Crime Family variation of the Witness Protection Program - in this case they disappear the witnesses BEFORE they testify in order to protect the should be charged. I mean, the Old Ferret has been pretty low-profile ever since he ran away to an almost bankrupt airline and Judith Reid seems even more difficult to locate than Paul Nettleton or a picture of the Queen of BC, Lara Dauphinee!

Gary E said...

Don't you find it interesting that after 7 years of delay the oh so special prosecutor now has an epiphany.
Does he not know that because of the efforts to keep this alive many people in the province can now see just what may be happening.

And that, I allege, is the systematic dismissing of witnesses that we have been waiting to hear from. In particular Gary two names and the Royal wannabe Highness.

This apparent wanting to shorten the trial is all geared to get it out of the way so Campbell can retire without being under a cloud.
The same thing will happen with the HST. That will be reworked so that if there are any problems they can say it was Campbells baby. Sounds not unlike a trade-off where the voter gets screwed either way.

North Van's Grumps said...

Well now RossK, this Globe link you've given us is a gold mine of proof, the kind that the Defense team is looking for.

If you go to the Mark Hume column and then click on the 1 to 5's the link:

Take a look at photo number 2.

Item number 2 is this: "No more public debt"

However, its already been proven that the indemnity, the one that's running at 9% per year will in very short order, be causing a public debt for the first time under the BC Liberals.

Is this what the HST is being brought in for, to cover the losses that the BC Liberals have been incurring over the last five years with their mega projects?

RossK said...

Good points Koot and Gary - thanks.



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